Little girl dances her way through cancer treatment

 Photo: YouTube

Fighting cancer is a tough gig, and it can be especially scary for children, but Darly Leviante is fighting cancer by dancing – and she's inspiring children all over the world.

The 10-year-old from Chile is being treated in Puerto Montt Hospital, where she has been undergoing radiation. Children in the hospital are visited by clown doctors known as Clowntagiosos, whose job it is to lighten the mood and make treatment less scary.

"In laughter therapy, its purpose is to de-dramatise all of this," says Doctor Pinika, one of the Clowntagiosos.

"You have to think of the children, these little ones who come here for treatment. It's all very aggressive for them: the shots, the exams. The doctors do it with a lot of affection, but for them it's an aggression. That's why we're here, the Clowntagiosos doctors, to encourage them, to lift their mood, and promote trust between the staff, the parents and the child," he says.

​Darly has responded exceptionally well to the Clowntagiosos. During a visit she jumped on her bed and started dancing along with them. The video of Darly dancing has gone viral, and now she is helping inspire sick children all over the world.

"I want to give a message to other children who are sick," Darly says, "to push forward.

"Life is not over and to continue with their strength they have, or had before. Don't fall down. Continue to encourage other children in equal measure."

Doctor Pinika says Darly is exceptional. "She has amazing energy," he says, "She shows us all that we have to push forward.

"We thank the fact she stood up on top of her bed – that's what has caught people's attention. That she stood up on her bed to play while at hospital. That's what makes the video stand out, what creates joy."