Mum shares ‘distressing’ details of toddler’s allergy challenge: 'It was so intense'

The toddler suffered a scary reaction to egg.
The toddler suffered a scary reaction to egg. Photo: Instagram

A mother has shared the heart-stopping moment her daughter reacted to the 'food allergen challenge.'

The mum shared her story with Tiny Hearts Education, explaining she had been feeding her daughter Nevaeh small bits of egg as a part of a food allergen challenge when she realised she was having a reaction.

"While these photos are distressing to look at, I think they really showcase what anaphylaxis looks like and how it escalates," the images were captioned.

A food allergen challenge is a procedure where small amounts of a food are fed to a patient in a medical clinic, while the patient is monitored to confirm if the food being tested causes an allergic reaction.

"Our goal was to feed her a full egg but small bits every 20 minutes to monitor any potential reactions," she explained. "We slowly increased the amount of egg till we got to the last piece to feed her when we realised a rash/hives began appearing. The nurses immediately stopped and did not want to feed her the last piece."

After the rash and hives appeared, Nevaeh became very irritated and itchy.

"Itching everywhere, especially her scalp. She's never reacted like this," explained the concerned mum. "They say every reaction gets worse as your body naturally knows to fight harder than the last time.

"We gave her an antihistamine for relief which afterwards, she began to cough," she continued. "The nurse immediately removed her from the room we were in to check her vitals."


When the nurse was checking her vitals, they noticed Nevaeh's blood pressure dropping and she was wheezing, which are classic signs of an anaphylactic reaction.

The toddler suffered a scary reaction to egg.

The toddler suffered a scary reaction to egg. Photo: Instagram/Tiny Hearts Education

"The doctor came in immediately and, without hesitation, injected the adrenaline into her thigh," the mum recalled, "If this happened at home, we will be injecting the epi-pen."

Describing the experience as "intense," Nevaeh slept straight away before playing for a bit, until they noticed an aggressive red rash all over her body and more itchiness.

Photo: Instagram/Tiny Hearts Education

Photo: Instagram/Tiny Hearts Education

"The doctors decided she would need to stay overnight as with anaphylaxis, it is possible to have a second reaction," she explained, saying it could require another dose of adrenaline.

Little Nevaeh was discharged the next day with the rash "98 percent gone."

"She has had a quarter of a boiled egg at home since and took it well,"  the relieved mum said. "We are still on the waiting list to do a cashew and pistachio challenge."

Photo: Instagram/Tiny Hearts Education

Photo: Instagram/Tiny Hearts Education

Fellow parents commented on the post, thanking the mum for sharing her experience.

"So helpful for first time mums," one woman commented.

"Thank you for talking about allergies on your platform," agreed another. "The more education the better."

"I know this was a controlled test done in the safest possible way and the beautiful little girl is fine and smiling through it like a champ! But I sit here crying and being thankful that we live in a country that supports families with new babies and provides education and advice to ensure all decisions are informed and supported."