Parents lied to son about allergies so he would follow Paleo diet

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A 19-year-old man grew up thinking he had life-threatening allergies to wheat, dairy, gluten, flour and legumes - but in reality his parents just wanted him to be restricted to a Paleo diet. 

The teen has taken to reddit to vent his anger at his parents for lying to him about his health for his entire life. 

"Since I was a young child, my parents have completely kept all of them out of our house," he said.

"While other kids ate breakfast cereals, I ate fish and assorted pickled vegetables for breakfast. While other kids had Lunchables, I had grilled chicken or fish with, again, assorted vegetables (usually sweet potatoes). While other kids ate birthday cake at the birthday party, I had an apple.

"I never questioned this until a couple of months ago."

He told how when attending his aunt's house, he accidentally ate a brownie with flour, instead of the specially made ones with almond flour. His distressed aunt asked for the man's EpiPen, but the man's mother made-up yet another lie - that she'd switched the plates and not to worry because her son would be fine.

"I found this incredibly odd because, really, why would she swap the plates? That doesn't even make sense. But for the time being I let the issue rest," he said.

"It didn't sit well with me for about a week and I finally went to get an allergy test. 

"The doctor started with a skin prick test, and lo and behold, I didn't react to any of the above substances. Then he ordered a blood test, and when the results came in, they said that I had absolutely no intolerance to any of the foods I'm supposed to be allergic to."


Furious, he confronted his mum.

"She eventually admitted that she lied to me because she wanted me to be on a paleolithic diet and wanted me to be able to avoid all temptations," he said.

"She has started calling me ungrateful for her intervention and insisting that I really should be glad I never got 'carb addicted'.

"Am I the a****le and an ungrateful son for losing it over this?"

Redditt commentators were quick to support him.

"You spent your entire life thinking that you could easily die because your mom wanted you on a special diet??? Allergies are incredibly serious and while you can grow out of them, to be lied to is unnecessary. What your mom did was manipulative and poor parenting. She easily could have had you on a diet like that without lying and making you fear for your life," one reader said.

The teen replied: "That's what I was thinking. I was a good, respectful kid. I followed her directions. Why did it take a lie to get me to eat the way I thought I should? I'll probably keep eating this way for the most part anyway but knowing a strawberry milkshake won't kill me is a huge relief."

Another reader said there was no reason for her to lie to him and now it was time he tried all the food he couldn't eat in the past.

"She did not need to do this. Many people grow on different diets and food restrictions without needing to be lied to. It's not about temptation, it's about education. If she went so far as to always make food and desserts that didn't have the things she told you are allergic, she didn't need to lie," the person said.

"Now you know the truth and not only ruined your relationship with her, erased all trust you had on her, it will also make you consume everything you couldn't. And I say, go for it!"

While he was angry at his mum, he said she tried to do the right thing, despite the lie. Although, he was excited when he ate a cheeseburger burger for the first time.

"In her defence (and I know it's weird trying to defend her here), but she went above and beyond in helping me grow up relatively 'normally'. She baked alternative desserts for me and during my birthday parties as a child would feed the other kids' normal cake. I never really felt left out or that I was missing out on anything because I had no metric by which to judge flour.

"On the other hand, I ate an actual cheeseburger for the first time after learning I had no allergy, and there is no replacement for that. I almost cried over a double bacon cheeseburger."