Ten-year-old boy tragically dies after asthma attack

Experts thought Isaac's asthma had cleared up.
Experts thought Isaac's asthma had cleared up.  Photo: Theresa Ambrose

A grieving mum has spoken of the loss of her ten-year-old son who died suddenly after an asthma attack last year.

Isaac Maley of Tafford, in Greater Manchester was mildly asthmatic when he was younger however, had never experienced an asthma attack.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Isaac mother's Vicky, 41, was out when she received a frantic call from her friend who was at home looking after her son. Isaac was wheezing and struggling to breathe. Despite receiving immediate assistance from paramedics, tragically Isaac had died by the time Vicky returned home.

"I knew he had gone as soon as I saw him," she said. "The paramedics were amazing, but there's nothing that could have been done to save him. The attack was just completely out of the blue. It was so unexpected that we didn't know what had happened until after the postmortem."

Vicky explained that initially, she thought it must have been Isaac's heart. "An asthma attack hadn't occurred to me because he had grown out of it," she said.

Isaac had been for a regular check-up with an asthma nurse three weeks prior to his death. "He had actually become a bit obsessed with having his inhaler. The nurse told him he was okay and he didn't need to worry."

"We're just glad Isaac didn't suffer. It happened so quickly. He just closed his eyes and went."

A keen footballer, Isaac's parents have organised a charity match to honour his memory. A former Altrincham player, Isaac's father Andrew will join a number of other football legends on Saturday 24th April, to raise money for Once Upon a Star – an organisation that provides support to bereaved families. The Fun Day will include jumping castles, entertainment and stalls, all raising money for the charity.

It's a fitting tribute for a boy Vicky describes as "very entertaining...beautiful inside and out."


"Everyone loved him," she says. "He's very much missed."

According to Asthma Australia, one in ten people suffer from the condition. It affects people of all ages. There is no cure however, for most people it can be controlled by following a daily management plan.

Information on how to help during an asthma emergency is available here.