Sydney schoolgirl's powerful lesson about autism

Letitia Rowlands It took just four minutes for nine-year-old Lana to teach her school community one of life's most important lessons - the acceptance of difference.

How to reconnect after a difficult period

Strengthening the bond ... rebuilding a relationship with my autistic son.

Meghan Leahy How does a busy working mum rebuild a fun and loving relationship with her very bright, sensitive, high-functioning autistic five-year-old son?

Trichy parenting: How I learned to try to see the whole picture that is my daughter

Trichotillomania ... letting go of the condition and seeing my daughter as a whole.

Erin Zelle When my daughter first started pulling she was 9 and it was like a tornado of energy had ripped though her.

Children with autism

How I learned to let go of the urge to 'fix' my son

My instinct to problem-solve has given way to acceptance. I've also realised that Jack is who he is: an adorable, unique little boy

Autistic kids low on vital social hormone, study suggests

Sasha Petrova A hormone that regulates social behaviour, could help treat the social deficits common to autism.

Which is better? Autism units compared to mainstream schools

Making the right choice for your child.

Nicole Salinas All autism units are not created equal, nor are schools in general. Advice from a parent who has experienced both options and what she wants you to know.

Permanent residency at last for Filippino nurse Maria Sevilla and autistic son

Maria Sevilla with her 10-year-old song Tyrone.

Loren Smith "I was jumping for joy, hysterical, I was crying, I was smiling".


New study shows kids with autism can improve their reading comprehension

You child with Autism may find reading frustrating. But that can change.

Loren Smith Autistic kids are biologically handicapped when it comes to reading comprehension. But thanks to a new study, we now know they can catch up.


Children with autism aren't necessarily visual learners

But it doesn’t mean teachers and therapists should abandon picture-based therapy.

David Trembath Children with autism are often described as "visual learners" and said to "think in pictures", but the findings from a new study contradicts this notion.

New York mum petitions to make flying safer for people with autism

Four-year-old Vivie has regressive autism and is mild to moderate on the spectrum.

Livia Gamble After a horrific experience flying with her autistic daughter, Beth Joy Papaleo is doing something about it.

Hope for autistic boy who may be deported

Awaiting news: Maria Sevilla and her son Tyrone, 10, are fighting to stay in Australia.

The immigration minister has indicated he might be willing to let a 10-year-old autistic boy at risk of deportation remain in Australia.

Autistic boy and mum face deportation

To be deported: Maria Sevilla and her son Tyrone, 10, are fighting to stay in Australia.

An autistic boy and his nurse mother hope a petition signed by more than 120,000 people will convince the federal government to stop their deportation to the Philippines.

Autism diagnosis: one mother's story

The writer with her daughter and husband.

Renee Bugg After months of problems with our little girl settling into prep, we’d arrived here in the school counsellors office.

Why I stand quietly by my daughter


In a world full of people who fail to understand her autistic daughter, this mother shares why she stands quietly by her.

Why parents want to believe in a vaccine conspiracy

Susan Senator "When you're a young, scared parent, you will grasp at anything to make sense of a hardship such as autism."

How to spot an Autism Spectrum Disorder in school-age children

A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is based solely on behaviour and is usually diagnosed by age four.

Kristelle Hudry There is no genetic or blood test for ASD; diagnosis is based on behaviour.

Technology as a social lifeline for kids with Asperger’s

Dedicated spaces where young “aspies” can gather and use technology are helping them to socialise.

Stefan Schutt and Rebecca Ng Lye Ee Technology is often maligned for having a negative influence on young people, particularly on their ability to develop healthy social relations and a sense of identity. But technology can also be a force for good.

How robots are helping children with autism


Livia Gamble Usually attributed to the future, robots are helping children with autism in the present.

How to be a friend to a parent with an autistic child

Julia Cahill with Hannah Kelly Parenting an autistic child comes with its own unique set of challenges and if you have a friend in this situation then there are practical things you can do to help support them.

Parents don't cause autism, but they can make a difference

Autism: a helpful strategy.

Kristelle Hudry Since the 1940's parents have been and felt blamed for their children’s autism.

Website to teach schools and parents about autism

Understanding: teachers appreciate having more information about autism spectrum disorder.

Danielle Kutchel A new website will give teachers information and guidance to understand, help and deal with students on the autism spectrum.


New 'revolutionary' therapy for ADHD, autism to be trialled

Stephen Porges.

Julia May The role of the middle ear is central to a "revolutionary"; US therapy for children with learning and behavioural problems that is being trialled in Melbourne.

5000 hours of therapy gives family this breakthrough

Her daughter's reaction was more than she ever hoped for.

Cheryl Lockhart When this mother told her daughter to "shut-up" her response brought tears to her eyes but not for the reasons you would assume.


This is our autism

Our autism

Jessica Watson One mum shares "our autism" in the hope that others will realise you can't compare one autistic child with another.

Stop using my children to scare parents out of vaccinating

Jen Forsyth

Jen Forsyth One mother's powerful message to those who would use her autistic children to scare parents out of vaccinating.

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Australia revolutionising autism research

A closer look at autism.

Brooke Lumsden Autism affects at least one in every 100 Australian children and Professor Andrew Whitehouse is determined to use his research to break through the misinformation around the disorder and offer families hope for the future.


NDIS short changing children with autism

monika debek

Rachel Browne Children with autism are being short changed in the NDIS with the government's benchmark payment only covering six hours of therapy a week, less than a third of the 20 hours a week considered necessary under international best practice.

Australian shopping centre provides Quiet Room for autistic children in world first


Letitia Rowlands Autistic children can struggle to cope in loud, busy shopping centres which overload their senses. But one centre is hoping to improve the shopping experience for those on the spectrum by providing a space where they enjoy some respite.


Autism questions for parents to ask schools


Richard Hastings Here are seven questions parents of children with autism need to ask schools to ensure they get the support needed to develop their child's academic and social skills.


Jack Robbins, non-verbal autisic boy, sings Katy Perry's Roar


Eight-year-old Jack Robbins can only communicate using single words about his basic needs, but after six years his parents are finally hearing him roar.


Fairfield Lego club Inside the Brick helps children with autism to build bridges

Rob Deakin founded Inside the Brick, a space for kids and adults to play LEGO.

Clare Kermond Lego clubs are a haven for those children who take a little time to fit in.


My son was misdiagnosed with autism


Anonymous* One mother discovered how easy it is for your child to be misdiagnosed with autism and how you can take steps to prevent it happening to you.

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Susan Boyle diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome


Scottish singer Susan Boyle has revealed that she has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism.

Hope for a little boy with autism

Pets and autism

Joan Wickersham My friend Holly was never a dog person, until, suddenly, she was. His name was Zeus, and he was a Bernese mountain dog . She was crazy about him.

Study raises doubts over autism treatment

Autism study raises questions over effectiveness of treatment ...

Lucy Carroll Oxytocin - the so-called ''love hormone'' - may not improve the symptoms of children with autism, a new study has found.

The 'over diagnosed' debate


Nicole Rogerson There is no denying that we have seen an increase in the number of children being diagnosed with mental health disorders, but are there more children with these disorders – or are we just better at diagnosing them?

Scheme will cover cost of autism treatment


Kathryn Wicks, Dan Harrison The national disability insurance scheme will cover ''most'' people with autism and could pay the full cost of early intervention programs, Disability Reform Minister Jenny Macklin has declared in the latest clue as to what the $22 billion-a-year scheme will cover.

Learning to live - and thrive - with autism

Natalie Nazzari Jo Russell has two children with autism. It hasn't always been the easiest of roads bringing them up, but she says she wouldn't change a thing.

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Living with autism

Kathryn Wicks and her son photographed for Sunday Life March 2013

Kathryn Wicks Having a child with high-functioning autism doesn't mean living with a genius. These children have their own unique challenges.


Food for thought


Lindy Alexander Suzanne's arms bare the scars of her preschooler son's daily meltdowns but since she found the answer to his behavioural problems they now serve as a reminder of how far he has come.


The kids will be all right

Amanda Curtis

Michael Short Amanda Curtis is the author of a pioneering book about Asperger's syndrome. She wants to promote understanding and celebration by explaining to children why their classmate is different.


Mummy on a mission


Brooke Tasovac When Chloe Maxwell and Mat Rogers welcomed their son Max in 2006, like all new parents, they were convinced he was a perfect baby.

DIY autism treatment raises alarm

Molly Edington with her 8yo boy Dominic Shakeshaft who has Autism, at their home in Wombarra. Wednesday 9th May 2012.

Rachel Browne Some parents with autistic children are using a DIY hormone treatment to improve their learning, one of Australia's leading researchers has warned.

Her life inside the whirlwind

 Mandy Licciardello

David Sygall and Katie Cuttriss Quiet moments are few for this mother in her 'cyclonic' life with four sons on the Asperger spectrum.

Autism: One family's journey

Autism is a growing global health crisis

Amber Robinson April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Current statistics indicate that one child in every 160 is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia. Here, grandmother Pamela Maie Young shares the story of her grandson Ben, who was recently diagnosed with the disorder.

Help autistic to stay afloat


Without specialist school staff, these children will go under, writes one Sydney mother.

Kimberley O’Brien

Disciplining children with ASD


Kimberley O'Brien Many parents experience disbelief, anger and typically a sense of grief and loss following an ASD diagnosis. This process often impacts on your desire to set limits with the child in question and consistency can also become an issue between parents who had previously been rock solid.

Children of the rainbow need support


Ebru Yaman It's time to break the silence surrounding the autism spectrum tells Ebru Yaman, a former education journalist and the mother of two children, one of whom has Asperger's syndrome.

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