Camp Gyno to the rescue ...

Camp Gyno to the rescue ...

The moment a girl gets her first period is rarely a celebration. It often happens at the most inconvenient of times. Usually when you’re wearing white.

But this advertisement for HelloFlo is enough to convince you that periods are awesome. And that first time must have been better than you remember.

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The arrival of "the red badge of courage", was a character transforming moment for our star. It took her from camp loser to ‘Camp Gyno’ - the official go-to girl on all period-related matters.

“For these campers I was their Joan of Arc ... I’m Joan and their vag is the arc.”

Until HelloFlo came along and rained on her parade. Watch the video below.

HelloFlo is a mail-order care package timed to your menstrual cycle. It arrives on your doorstep full of tampons, panty liners and more importantly – chocolate. Pretty neat. Or as our unhappy friend the Camp Gyno says, “It’s like Santa. For your vagina!”

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But how did HelloFlo founder, Naama Bloom come up with such an inspired advertisement? In an interview with AdWeek she said the idea came to her over a bottle of wine and a good sized portion of Thai food.

"I was listing out my insights about the period experience and shared the story of the girl at camp that my friends and I all turned to for advice. When Pete said 'You mean like a Camp Gyno?' we basically knew what we had to do. Only humour could tell this story in a way that would be relatable, endearing and shareable."

Endearing it is. But mostly it’s hilarious.

Do you have an embarrassing first period story? What would your ultimate menstrual care package contain? Leave your comment below.