Boy, 6, removes first tooth using his impressive golf swing

Maxton, 6, prepares to swing away his wobbly tooth.
Maxton, 6, prepares to swing away his wobbly tooth. Photo: TODAY

Last year, we watched five-year-old Addison remove her loose tooth using a bow and arrow.  This year - it's all about the golf-swing. Well, according to six-year-old Maxton Price, that is.

"His dad likes to golf, and Maxton likes to golf as well," Maxton's mum, Tasha Price, told TODAY. And so - the pair devised a genius method to remove the little boy's first wobbly tooth.

Dad drilled a hole through the golf ball, looped some dental floss through it, then tied the floss to Maxton's chomper. 

Maxton then took a swing - and voila! The tooth was out.

There was only one problem, however: it had gone missing.

"After we hit the ball, we thought maybe the tooth would stay on the floss but it didn't," said Ms Price. "My husband had to stay out on the back deck to look for the tooth. It took him about ten minutes, but daddy was the hero and he found it."

Given the effort involved in extracting and locating said tooth, Maxton wasn't too thrilled about handing it over to the Tooth Fairy. And fair enough, we say. Instead, the little boy wrote the Tooth Fairy a note, kindly requesting that she leave the tooth behind.

Not only did she respect Maxton's wishes, she even left him a special box in which to store his prized possession.  And all of the others to come ...

The tooth fairy kindly obeyed Maxton's request. Image: TODAY.

Watch a clip of Maxton's impressive effort below: