Boy who grew hair for cancer patients diagnosed with lymphoma

Torrin Breneman has been diagnosed with cancer months after growing his hair for cancer patients.
Torrin Breneman has been diagnosed with cancer months after growing his hair for cancer patients. Photo: Go Fund Me

A 12-year-old boy who grew his hair long to donate to cancer patients, is now facing his own cancer battle.

Torrin Breneman of Michigan endured two years of teasing in order to donate his long locks to wigs for kids in March. Just six months later, he was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma.

A cancer of the lymphatic system, Hodgkin Lymphoma is most common in adolescents and young adults. Each year in Australia, approximately 30 young people between 0–14 are diagnosed with the condition.

For Torrin and his family, the diagnosis was a shock. The junior high school student was admitted to hospital on 25 September with a bad cough, according to a Go Fund Me page established to help his family with medical costs. Just days later, Torrin, who has a seven-year-old sister, was in intensive care.

"After testing was completed, his family got the worst news anyone could hear," Torrin's aunt, Rachel Timpe, writes on the fundraising page, noting that Torrin started chemotherapy immediately.

His parents, Jason and Carrie Breneman told Fox 2 that Torrin's cancer is 'everywhere' including his liver, blood, kidney, bones and stomach. According to his doctors, Torrin went from 'cancer free' to 'stage four' in under three weeks. 

"When he came out of the O.R. he didn't recognise anyone," Mr Breneman said.  "He just wanted to know... if he could go to his wrestling event on October the 8th.

"He has such a big heart. Everybody loves him – he has so many friends."


Torrin's local community, including his high school and the Hazel Park Fire Department have rallied behind the family, launching a #TorrinStrong fundraising campaign. 

Doctors have said that Torrin has an 80 to 85 per cent chance of making a full recovery.

"He has fought so hard," Mr Breneman told Good Housekeeping."He's been getting healed physically way better than anticipated."

Torrin pictured before he donated his hair.

Torrin pictured before he donated his hair. Photo: Go Fund Me

You can make a donation to the family's Go Fund Me here: