Campaign asks people to rethink who their role models are

Laura Geitz: current captain of the Australian national team.
Laura Geitz: current captain of the Australian national team. Photo: Rethink Role Models

A new campaign is asking people to rethink who their role models are.

Rethink Role Models, created by Samsung, tells the story of five, strong women in the Australian Netball Diamonds sports team.  

The campaign is a five-part mini documentary series: each part features a different player – Sharni Layton, Caitlyn Bassett, Laura Geitz, Paige Hadley and Kim Ravaillion – and the challenges they overcame in order to get to the top.

Current captain of the Australian national team Laura Geitz, told The Daily Mail Australia, "Ten or fifteen years ago, I was just a girl with a dream.

"We want people to rethink who they look up to and to find something they love doing and aren't scared to do.

"I love my job - as do the others in the campaign - we don't do it for the money. I think that's a strong message that is worth putting out there to all Australians, not just our young people."

Similarly, Sharni Layton told The Daily Telegraph, they hope this campaign helps young girls to be themselves.

"The image I want to portray is about being yourself and not trying to fit in," Layton said.  


"But just by letting your personality shine … you'll find the people who do [like you] and you'll get along with them."

As told in the campaign, these women dedicate their "entire lives to one thing for love... and not the money or the fame".

They are "part of one of Australia's most successful sporting teams ever, and still no one knows [their] name.

They "fight on the court like enemies and walk off like best friends."

If you find these qualities inspiring, then "one day maybe you too could call yourself a diamond."

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