For this mum-of-two, yoga is a family affair - and the photos are incredible

For mother-of-two Charity Leblanc, yoga is not simply a way to keep fit and stay in shape - it's become a family affair.

"I love to be fit and working out, and it's so much fun for to share that with my kids," the 28-year-old told PEOPLE.

And, for the active trio, it's truly a win-win. "For them, it's like playtime," she said, of her kids. "So they're having a blast."

A makeup artist and graphic designer, Ms LeBlanc started practicing yoga five years ago after her son, Oakley, was born. 

"I started doing yoga just to get back into shape, and you learn the arm strength and core strength and flexibility," the Florida mum said. "A lot of the movements involve using your core, and after having kids your stomach is really stretched out, so it's nice to use yoga to pull it back in tightly."

She now does acrobatic yoga too - something she began during and continued after - her pregnancy with her now two-year-old daughter, Felicity.

It wasn't long, however,  before Oakley and Felicity were joining in, too.

"I was just doing it at home, so they were always around me and near me, and when they were getting bigger and starting to crawl and walk, I started picking them up and lifting them," she said.

Ms LeBlanc showcases the trio's impressive feats on her Instagram account.

And the photos are incredible. 

Take a look at just some of our favourites in the gallery above.