Mums share all the things their kids are scared of - and it’s a long list

Mums are sharing what their kids are scared of - and it's a long list.
Mums are sharing what their kids are scared of - and it's a long list. Photo: Shutterstock

Mums have shared all the things their children are scared of and the list is endless.

It all started when one mum shared with Mumsnet users that her DS (Darling Son) was scared of her yawning.

"My 8 month old DS has today decided he's terrified when I yawn – he's been fine with it for the last 8 months but now it's terrifying him! Now every time I yawn he whips around to look accusingly at me and I have to pretend I'm doing something else," she wrote.

She asked if anyone else's kids were afraid of anything "random".

Other commentators didn't disappoint with the list of things kids were scared of wide reaching – bubbles, sneezes, balloons, Wombles, bicycle horns, car engines and even pop-up books.

"Balloons. They don't even need to be blown up either," said one mum.

"Balloons, sneezes, Hoover and my spiky legs," said another.

And then there were these "scary" items.

"Socks, shoes, buttons, mostly buttons," said one mum.


"DS is 4 and scared of crocodiles. We live in Canada," said another.

And this mum said: "My 3-year-old is scared of deciduous trees, because they are not green, and green is her favourite colour".

While this child had a very specific fear: "When my youngest was a toddler she was petrified of windsocks…we live near an airport so every time we went past she would start crying".

And there many kids who were scared of hand dryers: "My 2 year old is scared of hand dryers. He is otherwise scared of nothing – borderline reckless – but any foray into a bathroom is accompanied by a trembling voice, panicked glancing around and 'mummy is there a fan?'"

Then there are the kids scared of feathers, pine cones, the Muppets, pineapples, ladybirds, parrots, street cleaners and the vacuum cleaner.

While this child's obviously confused by the saying that carrots make you see in the dark: "DS is scared of carrots that turn people into zombies. I have to reassure him every night that they don't exist".

This pair of twins had a fear of lost gloves: "For some reason they thought there were actual hands in them!"

And whatever you do, don't wrap your hair in a towel – according to the comments, it terrifies many children. As so too does Santa, but that's not unsurprising – he watches you while you're sleeping and that's just creepy.