Plastic leaching and other unnatural hazards

Choose your cleaning products carefully.
Choose your cleaning products carefully. 

I have covered this topic often over the last couple of years and things have started to improve.

There are now several different brands of baby bottles and other plastic products available which are BPA free, or you can opt to buy glass bottles with a plastic sleeve for safety. This is making it much easier for us as consumers and as parents to reduce our risk of exposure to chemical leaching.

However you also need to think about what products you put on your skin and use to wash your hair. These can also contain chemicals that have question marks over their safety long term. Look for natural skincare products and toiletries to minimise your risk.

Lastly what chemicals are you using around the home for cleaning? One of my pet hates are those antibacterial sprays. Do you really think chemicals around the home are healthier than a few microorganisms?

To give us the best chance of good health, not to mention the effects on the environment, I advise choosing organic and earth friendly products. Or use good old fashioned elbow grease, soap and water or steam for effective cleaning and elimination of any harmful bacteria.

If you know of good products that fit this bill share them with us here.

Dr Joanna McMillan is a registered nutritionist with a PhD in nutritional science.  She writes a weekly column for Sunday Life and you can also read her nutritional family recipes, tips and advice on her blog.