What do the most common parenting dreams actually mean?

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We've all been there – naked in public. Or perhaps you were being chased or your teeth fell out. These are just some of the most common dreams parents have every night.

Anything from getting lost or forgetting where you left your baby, dreams have a way of startling you, but they all have a deeper purpose to help you face issues in your waking life.

Dream interpreter and life coach Emma Woolrich said people dream for a variety of reasons.

"The body is naturally processing all that has happened in the previous 24 hours. It is, if you like, going through an 'archive' process," Ms Woolrich said.

"Perhaps you have subconsciously suppressed emotions attached to a situation either recently or a very long time ago and your body is using this 'downtime' to try to make sense of what took place, or you 'thought' took place. Or you have consciously 'asked' your brain for a solution to a problem.

"And some people believe that you visit, or re-visit places and times you have been to in other lives. This is also referred to as déjà-vu."

For parents, it's common to have dreams which link to a fear of them not being good enough.

"The role of parenting is tough," she said.

"But these dreams are not limited to parents.  Every single human every day questions their own self worth and if they can handle a situation or if they handled a situation in the right way."


Psychic medium and dream decoder Anthony Kilner said parents should seek explanations for their dreams.

"When dreams are impacting a person's life, the best thing to do is write the dream down with as much detail as possible. This is important for an accurate dream interpretation," Mr Kilner said.

"Once the dream is written down, find a good guide (book or person) for interpreting and start going through the process of breaking down each component of the story. 

"It's like a big jigsaw puzzle that's alive and 3D that needs to be put together."

We asked both Emma and Anthony what the most common dreams parents have actually mean. Here are their responses:

1 - Being naked in public.

E - The person is feeling very self-conscious and the fact this is a public place is most likely also worried they will be found out about something.

A - This dream relates to a person experiencing extreme vulnerability in a social situation. This person does not feel confident in themself, within the context of that dream.

2 – Losing or forgetting your child.

E - The common dream for a parent leaving their child somewhere is universally an inbuilt guilt that they're not putting their child first and will be chastised by others for doing this. It's also reflecting their inner emotions of insecurity and feeling a little lost themself.

A - This scenario relates to the loss of innocence within a person. There would've been experiences in childhood that with the onset of adulthood has been pushed to one side and not dealt with. When a dream suggests this, then it's time to start unpacking that understanding and coming to terms with it.

3 - Getting lost and not being able to find your way to the destination.

E - Reflects a lack of direction and ability to trust yourself for the decisions you're making.  You're turning to others (a map) for how to do something or how to be someone.

A – Getting lost and not being able to find a way back suggests that a person might be struggling to work their way through a situation in real life. What else is happening, where they're lost etc would offer more clues as to the specific situation.

4 - Being chased by something scary.

E - Running away from your fears (even if you don't know what that fear is) the fear may show up as a faceless person, or purely knowing something is chasing you. You've pushed a person or situation down and don't want to face it.

A - Many people have demons in their closet, and monsters in dreams, or scary people, are often the sub-conscious trying to help us resolve issues, but we don't listen, therefore each monster gets scarier and scarier until we pay attention to what we need to deal with inside us emotionally.

5 - Your teeth or hair falling out.

E - Generally this is a lack of self-love.  We're concerned what everyone else thinks about how we look, what we say and how it may be construed by others. 

A - The main focus of hair and teeth (front teeth especially) is about ego. Everyone wants a good hairstyle or glowing teeth to make themselves feel good and standout. Losing these parts of the body in a dream can refer to a person coming unstuck in a situation or things are about to go pear shaped.

If it's the back teeth then the person is not nourishing (looking after) themself on a particular level. It could be emotionally, work, social or in relationships.