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Mother arrested over deaths of eight children in Cairns

8:56am The mother of seven of the eight children found dead in a Cairns home yesterday has been arrested over their deaths, according to police.

ADHD kids spend most of their childhood without medication


Emma Kelly Australian families are reluctant to medicate children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a 20-year study has found.

Cairns stabbing: eight children dead

queensland police

Eight children have been found dead in the suburb of Manoora in Cairns, Queensland Police have confirmed

How to make sure your sunscreen actually works

Following tests, only four sunscreens were recommended.

ANDREA O'NEIL Slipping, slopping and slapping might not prevent sunburn and ageing after all.


South Australian couple jailed over starving son

The 4-year-old boy weighed just 8.3kg when he was discovered locked in this squalor.

Margaret Scheikowski When police got into a locked bedroom of a squalid house, they found a naked, filthy, starving and shivering four-year-old boy crouched on the floor holding out a blue plate.

Vaccinating our children against a preventable viral disease

Larry, polio

Larry Graham There is a disease that has killed or permanently disabled millions - and it's not Ebola.


Children's Rights Report: self-harming emerges as biggest concern


Shaza Barbar The Children's Rights Report 2014 was officially launched by the National Children's Commissioner Megan Mitchell in an event at the Australian Human Rights Commission Monday morning.

Charity single

Aussie musicians join parents in fight to save their two terminally ill children

Jude and Isla Donnell have a rare genetic condition known as Sanfilippo syndrome.

Inga Ting Last year Megan and her husband Al went from having two healthy kids to finding out they were both terminally ill but they aren't giving up without a fight.

Karmah Jayne Hall's family learnt of her death on Facebook

Family anguish: Karmah Jayne Hall.

Rachel Browne A schoolgirl's grieving mother is appalled that she learnt of her child's death on social media.

A UK mother fights to save her daughter from a painful medical condition


Livia Gamble It';s natural for parents to want to wrap their kids in cotton wool and protect them. But for Sharmila and James Collins it was the only thing they could do to save their daughter's life.


Children as young as 12 are now becoming slaves to the drug crystal methamphetamine

The drug ice

Eamonn Duff A Sun-Herald investigation has found that children as young as 12 are now becoming slaves to the drug: crystal methamphetamine.


Energy drinks are being consumed by kids younger than six


Livia Gamble A study has found children under the age of six are being exposed to energy drinks, as large numbers of parents are phoning poison control centres for help.

Why these two parents want you to know their son's story

Craig with his two children.

Nicole Thomson-Pride Seven-year-old Jack Norman has an inoperable brain tumour and while his parents don't know how much longer they'll have him, they want to make sure others are aware of the disease that kills more children than any other in Australia.

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A brilliantly different look at autism

Callum, 13, with  Aspect's Positive Behaviour Support Manager Tom Tutton.

Rachel Clun Autism Spectrum Australia wants to change the way we talk about autism.

British mother tells of her 10-year-old's battle with anorexia

10-year-old Jade's anorexia left her weighing the same as an average 4-year-old.

Rachel Clun A British mother says her 10-year-old daughter developed anorexia thanks to bullies at school, and she wants other parents to be aware of the dangers of eating disorders.

How to talk to children about grandparents with dementia

How do you explain dementia to kids?

Alison Bradshaw Helping children understand why their grandparent can no longer remember their name is a hard conversation to have, but here are ten practical tips to help guide you.

Five ways siblings are good for your health


Livia Gamble When siblings aren’t declaring war on each other, it turns out, having a brother or sister can actually be good for their health.

Searching for a solution: the effect sitting has on kids


Livia Gamble Sitting over a long period of time raises serious health concerns for adults, but what does that mean for kids’ and their increasingly sedentary lifestyle?

Mother of six fakes cancer for fundraising money

Cancer scam: Elle even shaved her head to make people believe she had cancer.

Rachel Clun It's a sad story. A mother - of six children, no less - being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to later discover it had become terminal.

New York millionaire found guilty of manslaughter in death of son, 8

Gigi Jordan on the witness stand during her murder trial.

James McKinley jnr A woman who said she poisoned her disabled son to prevent him from being sexually abused has been found guilty of manslaughter.

Parents in mourning after lightning strike kills teen son

Dan Proudman A Thornton family is devastated after their teenage son died from a lightning strike at One Mile Beach on Saturday.

British mother wins right to let her daughter die

Charlotte Fitzmaurice with her daughter Nancy.

Rachel Clun A British mother has won the right no parent ever wants to have: she won the right to end her 12-year-old daughter's life.

Ebola-shaped toy sells out


Livia Gamble US toy company, Giant Microbes, which sells a cuddly version the virus has said the toy has been a sell-out.

Warning about Children's Panadol dosage

child panadol

Letitia Rowlands The Therapeutic Goods Administration has issued a safety advisory warning parents about confusion when using the dosing syringe supplied with Children's Panadol.

This extreme head lice infestation will leave you scratching your head

Thousands of crawling head lice are left on the comb in this YouTube video.

Rachel Clun In a video sure to make your skin crawl, a mother combs thousands of lice and eggs out of her daughter's hair.

NT to launch sex offender register

Daniel Morcombe

Karlis Salna The Northern Territory is set to become the first jurisdiction in Australia to introduce a public sex offender register, to be named after murdered Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe.


Broccoli chemical may improve autism symptoms

A chemical found in broccoli and cabbage may help autism

Sarah Knapton A chemical found in broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage may improve some symptoms of autism, a new study has found.


Why you shouldn't compare your children to their siblings

Sibling comparisons can leave children feeling as if they are never good enough.

Thuy Yau Here is why pitting your child against the other can do more damage than you might realise.

Thousands of children orphaned by West Africa's Ebola crisis

Ebola crisis

Brian Ries A range of international organisations are ramping up their responses to help children who are increasingly affected by the Ebola outbreak in western Africa.

When your child is a fussy eater


Livia Gamble Sometimes putting on a show is the only way to get kids' to eat something.


Coles banned from calling its bread 'fresh' for three years

Coles will not be able to label bread baked overseas and frozen

Supermarket chain Coles has been banned for three years from advertising that its bread was made or baked on the day it was sold.

Gift of life celebrated at the Transplant Games

Grace Pearce, the competitor.

Larissa Nicholson Grace Pearce could only watch on as her sister competed in her first school athletics day but now she is the most athletic in the family.

What causes breast cancer? Sorting fact from fiction

Facts on breast cancer causes and risks.

Allyson Thomson What do women believe causes breast cancer? And what scientific support is there for these beliefs?

Child dies after sand dune collapse near Eden

Fatal accident: Police at the scene on Terrace Beach, in Ben Boyd National Park, after a sand dune collapsed on a boy.

Emma Kelly A young boy has died after being trapped beneath a collapsed sand dune on the NSW south coast.

Parents welcome son's diagnosis

Complex condition: Dylan Byers, 8, has been diagnosed with disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.

Ben Heather Dylan Byers has spent much of his short life screaming in rage at his family, to the point his mother fears for her daughter's safety.

Report reveals Garnett Spears was treated for elevated sodium levels as a baby


Livia Gamble Garnett Spears was diagnosed with hypernatremia before his first birthday, according to the child fatality report.


My 12-year-old brother saved my life

Bonds that don't break.

As told to Robyn Doreian When she was diagnosed with leukaemia as a teenager, it was Shiloh Middlemiss’ younger brother who saved her life.

Police seek witnesses over death of girl, 8, on ride at Royal Adelaide Show

Adelene Leong

A girl flung to her death from a ride at the Royal Adelaide Show was the "little angel" of her mother's heart.

Dozens of Syrian children reported dead after receiving tainted measles vaccination

Syrian child

Damien McElroy Up to 36 children were believed to have died after receiving tainted measles vaccines.

'Lightning' strikes school oval and injures students in West Hoxton

Sydney storm

Megan Levy and Peter Hannam More than a dozen students are being treated by paramedics after a suspected lightning strike on a school oval in Sydney’s west.

Couch potato kids turn into couch potato adults


The more television children watched at age 10, the more they watched in middle age, according to a new report that suggests the need for earlier interventions to get kids off the couch.


Watch: Two blind sisters see for the first time


It costs $300 and takes 15-minutes but without this miracle surgery Anita, 6, and Sonia, 12 would spend the rest of their lives living darkness.


How my mother's depression shaped my whole life

Ann Mastergeorge When I think back to my mother when I was a child, I don't have a single memory of her smiling. She suffered from chronic, lifelong depression, and it affected me and my four siblings every day.

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WHO report maps global suicide problem for the first time

Pulling them out of the dark ...

Emil Jeyaratnam, Reema Rattan, Warren Clark One person takes their own life every 40 seconds, equating to 803,900 deaths across the world every year, according to the first World Health Organization report on suicide prevention.

Mother with Alzheimer's recognises daughter for a beautiful moment

A beautiful moment between a mother and her daughter.

Laura Vitto Kelly Gunderson got a brief — but wonderful — surprise after her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, recognised her for a few seconds.

Parents of British boy with brain tumour to face Spanish judge

Ashya King, 5. the British boy who is suffering with a severe brain tumour.

Elodie Cuzin The parents of a five-year-old British boy with a brain tumour who was taken from hospital without medical consent and found in Spain are set to appear before a Spanish judge.

British boy with brain tumour found safe, parents arrested

Found safe: Ashya King, 5, who has a brain tumour.

Ashya King, the five-year-old British boy with a brain tumour who was taken from hospital without medical consent, has been found in Spain with his parents, who have been arrested.

Six-year-old Mira Erdmann meets the man who saved her life


Livia Gamble Mira Erdmann’s only chance of survival was a bone marrow transplant, but when doctors placed on the registry there was only one man in the world that was a perfect match.


Mother rebuilds life after trauma and dissociation


Lisa Wachsmuth During her senior years of high school in the Illawarra, Zoe didn't know which of her mother's four personalities would greet her when she got home each day.

AMA push to exempt concession holders and children

The AMA has offered an alternative to the government's $7 GP fee.

Dan Harrison, Kate Hagan Concession card holders and children will be exempt from the proposed GP visit fee, under an Australian Medical Association proposal to the Abbott government.

Parents start social media challenge to help save their little girl


Livia Gamble Parents of four-year old Eliza O’Neill have been working non-stop to raise the $2.5 million that's needed to fund a clinical trial for Sanfilippo Syndrome. Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, they have set a challenge of their own.


Should we be worried about triclosan in Colgate Total toothpaste?

Health concerns: Colgate Total contains triclosan.

Eryk Bagshaw One of Australia’s most popular toothpastes, has come under international pressure over health concerns connected with one of its active ingredients, triclosan.


150 asylum-seeking children in detention to be released

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison addresses the media during a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra on Friday 21 February 2014

Sarah Whyte, Ben Doherty Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announces that 150 children will be removed from detention centres and placed on bridging visas in the community due to a new push to restore temporary protection visas.


Aussie woman proves anyone can make a difference

Making a difference in the life of the world's most vulnerable.

Lilani Goonesena How one woman is changing the lives of disabled children from some of the poorest Vietnamese families.

Discovering you have a head full of nits

Warning: Reading likely to induce scratching.

Annabel Crabb As an adult, the discovery that one is harbouring an unspecified number of small scuttling insects in one's hair brings about a number of confronting results.

Brain training games won't help children do better at school


Emma Blakey There has been a big increase recently in the number of computerised “brain training” programs marketed at young children. These programs make impressive claims - that they can help children learn better, that they improve children’s focus and memory, and that they can help children succeed in school.


Anti-obesity video goes viral


Livia Gamble A new short video follows the reverse-journey of a young man named Jim who has suffered a heart attack.


9-year-old boy was given new ears made from his ribs


Livia Gamble Nine-year-old Kieran Sorkin was born without ears but thanks to a life-changing surgery he now has ears made from his ribs.


11-year-old girl invents a paediatric chemo-backpack


Livia Gamble Struggling to walk around with IV poles while she was receiving chemotherapy, Kylie Simonds came up with the idea for a portable IV backpack.


Obese kids in denial about their weight


Karen Kaplan New government data suggest a non-medical cause of America's childhood obesity crisis: denial.

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