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A video of 7-year-old cancer patient singing 'Fight Song' will make you cry

Rachel Platten sings duet with seven-year-old cancer patient.

Livia Gamble 4:27pm After Jeremiah Succar was diagnosed with a fast-growing tumour, the song quickly became one his favourites.

Five-year-old girl saves brother's life with selfless stem cell donation

Five-year-old girl saves the life of her brother.

Livia Gamble Though she didn't fully understand the "medical process" Charlotte wanted to help.

Tips for helping teens make the most of their sleep

Tips for helping teens make the most of their sleep

Livia Gamble It's natural for teens to want to stay up later and get up later, but there are some things parents can do to help them make the most of their sleep.

Australian-first program aims to eliminate childhood cancer deaths

Nikki Quinn survived cancer as a child, but the chemotherapy has left her with other health problems. Photo: Janie Barrett

Harriet Alexander Nikki Quinn does not know why she was the one to survive childhood cancer when so many of her friends did not, but it eats her up.

Australia launches children's cancer website to provide support for parents

Steve, Asha, Indiana and Brooke Olding.

Livia Gamble Having an abundance of information at our fingertips can do more harm than good.

Watch the moment a a colour blind child sees red for the first time

Boy sees red for the first time.

Livia Gamble How easy it is to take the little things for granted.

Why I breastfeed my four-year-old son

Vickie breastfeeds her son five times a day.

Antonia Hoyle One mother tells of how continuing to nurse her son has helped control his behavioural problems.

Father of two dies from MND, while mother battles terminal cancer

The Coulston family.

Livia Gamble Two young children from England lost their father on Sunday to motor neurone disease, now their mother is fighting for her life after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Eureka prize winner Paige Bebee, 15, reveals the intestinal value of the appendix

Eureka prize winner Paige Bebee and her Nobel prize winning grandfather Professor Barry Marshall.

Marcus Strom A 15-year-old girl is among the big winners at the Australian Museum's Eureka Prizes.

Parents shocked after boy, 4, dies from the chicken pox

Parents shocked after boy, 4, dies from the chicken pox

Livia Gamble Parents of a four-year-old boy who died from chicken pox said they had no idea the disease "could lead to this."

How too much study is ruining children's eyesight


Cosima Marriner Hothousing children is ruining their eyesight, prompting plans to force kids to spend more time outdoors while at school.

Nine-year-old boy was bullied for his disability... but now he has a brand-new bionic hand

Josh Cathcart shouldn't be picked on at school any more thanks to his

He was cruelly bullied by his classmates due to his disability - but a bionic hand is changing all that.

Mother keeps daughter's spirit alive after tragic death at age 10

Tragic death: Ella Lightfoot

Emma Swain On June 7, 2014, Kim Cameron awoke with everything right in her world. What happened next triggered a ­seismic shift in her existence and ignited a force to help others. This is her story.

Little girl dances up a storm at Zumba Convention

Audrey dances up a storm at a Zumba Convention.

Livia Gamble Dancing up a storm on stage at this year's Zumba Convention, Audrey Nethery won't let anything slow her down.

Keeping Alzheimer's worries at bay


Carol Berkower Is there a way to cut through the hype and find out what measures, if any, will help stave off dementia?

One best friend is all your kids need, study

Friendship: study finds quality over quantity is best.

Livia Gamble When it comes to friendships, it's quality over quantity every time.

Henna tattoo leaves teen with chemical burn after holiday in Turkey

Henna tattoo leaves teen with burns after holiday in Turkey

Livia Gamble Mary Bates had a dream catcher temporarily tattooed on her left leg while vacationing with friends.

Video teaching teens to make DIY braces highlights dangers

The dangers of DIY braces.

Livia Gamble Just to be clear, DIY should never apply to fixing your teeth.

Florida mum's search for boy who showed her son kindness


Livia Gamble A young boy made Kaden's day in the simplest, kindest way possible.

Chemotherapy for arthritis a weekly reality for five-year-old girl

A brave face helps New Zealand girl Amelia Ferguson, 5, deal with chemotherapy side-effects from drugs used to treat her arthritis.

Andrea O'Neil Amelia Ferguson endures weekly chemotherapy drug injections but she doesn't have cancer, instead she suffers from arthritis.

Warning from Australian dentists following mouthguard failure for hockey player


Julia Medew You may want to rethink purchasing a cheap mouthguard after reading this story.

Parents make visual bucket list for five-year-old who's going blind

Parents make visual bucket list for five-year-old who's going blind

Livia Gamble Five-year-old Lizzy Myers is slowly going blind but she doesn't know it yet.

'Butterfly boy' with rare skin condition has inspiring message for all

Butterfly boy's inspiring message.

Livia Gamble Diagnosed with Epidermolysis bullosa Jonathan's skin falls off at the slightest tough.

Are mobile phones having an impact on kids while they sleep?

Sweet dreams: Investigating how mobile phones impact kids' sleep.

Zoë Taylor Experts have linked increased device use with sleeping problems for teens but is there more to be concerned about?

Australian study finds thousands of children and teenagers suffer mental illness

Suffering in silence: children may not tell their parents about their mental anguish.

Amy Corderoy Hundreds of thousands of Australian children and teenagers are experiencing serious mental health issues but their parents have no idea what is going on.

What the declining age of puberty tell us

Why starting puberty early matters.

Livia Gamble Being forced to grow up before they are ready can be very damaging mentally and physically.

NSW mum describes son's fight for life after fatal skateboarding accident

Super hero: mum describes son's fight for life after fatal skateboarding accident

Simone Ziaziaris 10-year-old Banjo will "live on in happiness" with the children who will survive because of his donated organs, his mother says.

Parents think cavities are part of growing up

Parents think cavities are part of growing up

Staff writers Almost half of Australian parents think children getting cavities is just a part of growing up.

Five-year-old girl with cancer celebrates birthday, prom and wedding in one

Girl, 5, with cancer celebrates birthday, prom and wedding in one

Livia Gamble Hundreds of people came together to celebrate this little girl's birthday, prom and wedding in one.

Step-by-step breakdown of what happens to your body after you drink a can of Coca-Cola

Pricing pressure in the big supermarkets and weaker sales in convenience stores and petrol stations weighed on Coca-Cola Amatil's profit margins.

Livia Gamble We all know drinking Coca Cola is bad for us, it's full of sugar. Despite this, we continue to drink it but this might change your mind.

8-year-old boy becomes the world's first paediatric double hand transplant recipient

Double-hand transplant recipient Zion Harvey smiles during a news conference.

Marie McCullough First on his list, Zion Harvey wants to climb the monkey bars.

Bailey Matthew, 8, with cerebral palsy finishes UK triathlon unaided

Bailey Matthews, 8, ditched his walker and ran the last 20m of the Castle Howard Triathlon unaided.

Emma Brancatisano A video capturing eight-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Bailey Matthews' inspirational triathlon finish has gone viral.


12-year-old boy uses Make-A-Wish to help others, feeds community for free

Make-A-Wish: Lucas Hobbs feed the community.

Livia Gamble Lucas Hobbs asked his parents if he could use his wish to help others.

Girl, 9 cuts her hair for 'boyfriend' with cancer

Libby Spiers, 9, cuts her hair in support of boyfriend with cancer.

Livia Gamble When Libby Tucker-Spiers visited her best friend, Aiden Selleck in hospital, she immediately wanted to give him her hair.

Why time speeds up as we get older

Fighting time: When the clock speeds up.

Muireann Irish and Claire O'Callaghan Time can race, or it can drag interminably. On rare occasions, it feels as if it's standing still. But why is this the case?

Real life 'Fault in Our Stars' couple reunite after lung transplant

Katie and Dalton Pregar reunited at last.

Livia Gamble After months apart Dalton Prager finally got to kiss his wife Katie.

Researchers discover binge eating gene in teens

New study finds binge-eating gene.

Livia Gamble Binge eating in teens may be the result of bad genes, says a new study.

Little girl with leukaemia marries her favourite nurse

Four-year-old cancer patient marries her favourite nurse.

Livia Gamble A video showing a four-year-old girl with leukaemia marrying her favourite nurse will melt your heart.

Eight-year-old girl with food disorder eats bubble wrap and blu-tack

'It's the strangest thing': eight-year-old girl eats bubble wrap.

Livia Gamble Since birth, Jessica Walker has eaten things like dog biscuits, mud and sand.

Mental illness doesn’t have to pass from parent to child

Parental responsibilities may motivate people with mental illnesses to remain in treatment.

Andrea Reupert and Darryl Maybery Children whose parents have a mental illness are twice to three-times more likely to develop their own mental health issues than their peers. But it isn't inevitable.

'Mummy, please let me die,' skin condition too much for boy, 5, to handle

Debilitating skin condition too much for this little boy to handle.

Livia Gamble The debilitating skin condition has become too much for this little boy to handle.

The most common reason for being bullied is weight

The most common reason for being bullied is weight.

Livia Gamble As obesity rates rise, so too does the amount of bullying associated with weight - and not just in Australia.

Teens marks end of cancer treatment Rocky Balboa style

Teens marks end of cancer treatment Rocky Balboa style

Livia Gamble 13-year-old Sean Bartolucci marked the end of his cancer treatment with a fitting tribute: running the "Rocky Steps".

Doctors shocked after finding metre long hairball inside teen's stomach

Doctors find five foot long hairball inside teen's stomach.

Livia Gamble Graphic images show doctors in India removing a five foot long hairball from a 15-year-old girl's stomach.

Why you should eat mushrooms this winter

The mighty mushroom.

Livia Gamble Mushrooms are mightier than you think.

Children recognise pride at age four and five

Pride: children recognise it in themselves at age five.

Livia Gamble A new study identifies an important developmental stage for children.

How to nip winter symptoms early


Catherine Rodie Winter is well and truly upon us, and while we may enjoy cosy hats and scarfs or hearty warming stews the one thing nobody wants is a winter cold. So what can we do to ward off those bugs and nip winter symptoms early?

Mother of 4-year-old who died after swallowing a battery told 'she will be fine'

Summer Alice Steer: inquest into her death.

Livia Gamble Hours before a four-year-old girl from Queensland died after swallowing a battery she was discharged from hospital and told "she will be fine."

Australia’s youngest hypnotherapist, Lorelai Chalmers, mesmerises (her school mates, that is)

Lorelai Chalmers. She can now boast the title 'Australia's youngest hypnotherapist'.

Loren Smith They say kids are doing everything younger these days. Lorelai Chalmers is taking this to the next, pseudo-scientific level.


Why you might be 20 years older than your actual age

Youthful looks? There's a reason.

Sarah Knapton It is said that time waits for no man, but biologically speaking, some people are barely ageing while others are speeding through their lives at a rate of three years every 12 months.

Mummy blogger's heart-wrenching post reveals she is a victim of domestic abuse

Emma Murphy reveals domestic abuse in heart-wrenching post.

Livia Gamble When the man Emma Murphy thought she was in love with hit her again on Friday, she knew it was time to leave.

Teen with Asperger's punched and left lying on pavement, teaches attackers a lesson

Gavin Joseph teaches his attackers a lesson.

Livia Gamble Teen's mum is urging all parents to educate their children about disabilities that can't be seen.

A century's worth of studies prove sleep is vital for kids' recall skills

This little one may be resting, but his memorising neurons aren't.

Loren Smith Reckon your kids can memorise anything sans sleep? Forget about it.


Don't blame it on Barbie, the issue is body shaming

Livia Gamble Labelling, whether they are fat or thin, is just as bad – if not worse.

Study: can autism be diagnosed in a sniff?

Can autism be measured in a sniff?

Livia Gamble Autism could be diagnosed using smells, finds a new, small study that could prompt further research.

There's more to fussy eating than just food

Fussy eaters: How French schools transform fussy eaters.

Livia Gamble As parents of fussy eaters would know, getting kids to eat isn't that simple.

Teenage girl with toilet phobia dies from heart attack


A teenager died from a heart attack caused by constipation - after going eight weeks without a bowel movement, an inquest heard.

Can you imagine a world without antibiotics?


Catherine Rodie When was the last time your child was prescribed antibiotics? For mother of two Sara Herring it was just a few weeks ago. Her five-year-old son Frazer had a persistent ear ache that he just couldn't shake.

Deaf children are denied basic human right, says Young Australian of the Year Drisana Levitzke-Gray

Drisana Levitzke-Gray: Believes all deaf children should learn sign language from birth.

Clare sibthorpe Imagine you were deprived of learning your first language for most of your childhood and isolated from those who use it.

4-year-old Yahya born without eyes, nose and mouth given a new face in Australia

Livia Gamble The kindness of one stranger helped bring him from his home in Morrocco to Australia for surgery.

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