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Has my kid got worms?


Does this look familiar? Check out our hub for the unspoken.. WORMS!!!

Study: can autism be diagnosed in a sniff?

Can autism be measured in a sniff?

Livia Gamble Autism could be diagnosed using smells, finds a new, small study that could prompt further research.

Teenage girl with toilet phobia dies from heart attack


A teenager died from a heart attack caused by constipation - after going eight weeks without a bowel movement, an inquest heard.

Can you imagine a world without antibiotics?


Catherine Rodie When was the last time your child was prescribed antibiotics? For mother of two Sara Herring it was just a few weeks ago. Her five-year-old son Frazer had a persistent ear ache that he just couldn't shake.

Deaf children are denied basic human right, says Young Australian of the Year Drisana Levitzke-Gray

Drisana Levitzke-Gray: Believes all deaf children should learn sign language from birth.

Clare sibthorpe Imagine you were deprived of learning your first language for most of your childhood and isolated from those who use it.

4-year-old Yahya born without eyes, nose and mouth given a new face in Australia

Livia Gamble The kindness of one stranger helped bring him from his home in Morrocco to Australia for surgery.

Obese 7-year-old from Sydney travelled to Egypt for life-saving surgery


Livia Gamble Hana Tarraf's body is hard-wired to put on weight, reaching 57 kilos this month.

Green spaces at school could improve cognitive development in children, says study

Green spaces at school could improve cognitive development in children.

Livia Gamble Researchers discover another benefit for school children who are exposed to more green space.

Young mum blind in one eye after catching flesh-eating bacteria during mud run

Brittany Williams caught flesh-eating bacteria during mud run.

Livia Gamble Two weeks in hospital and $100,000 in medical bills later, doctors are no longer treating Brittany Williams due to her "lack of insurance and full payment."

Teens develop colour-changing condoms, could detect STIs

Livia Gamble The colour of the condom depends on the strain of bacteria.

Alcohol the most toxic factor in neglect of over one million Australian kids

Smithfield Public School Principal Cheryl McBride says Government funding for children's protection services is woefully inadequate.

Loren Smith When it comes to child neglect, it's the bottle, not the crack pipe that's mostly to blame.

Emma Stone reveals struggle with childhood anxiety and how you can help your own kids

Emma Stone beat anxiety. Your child can too.

Loren Smith Known for her confidence and charisma, actress Emma Stone is the last person you would expect to have suffered the crippling effects of childhood anxiety.

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Chocolate may be good for your heart, study says


Livia Gamble A chocolate a day may keep the doctor away - as long as you stick to 100 grams.

Doctor told teen Bronte Doyne to ‘stop Googling’ cancer symptoms before death

Bronte Doyne, 19, died from a rare form of liver cancer in March 2013.

Megan Levy The family of a teenager who was told to “stop Googling” her symptoms in the months before her death from a rare and aggressive type of liver cancer has received an apology from the hospital.

Michigan teen walks over 91kms carrying his brother for cerebral palsy


Livia Gamble Improving on the 64 kilometre walk he did last June, Hunter Gandee, 15, hopes to raise awareness for the disease, rather than donations.

How we can increase Australia’s organ donation rate

Waiting: Holding out hope for a donor.

Aric Bendorf, Ainsley Newson and Ian Kerridge Australia has struggled to increase its deceased organ donation rates for more than 25 years.

Celebrities help producer find cure for two daughters with Batten disease

Gordon Gray is determined to find a cure for his two daughters who have Batten disease.

Livia Gamble With the help of their celebrities friends Gordon Gray and his wife, Kristen, are determined to find a cure.

Texas mum's heartbreaking video of terminal cancer goes viral

Holley Kitchen fights everyday.

Livia Gamble Using just her iPhone and a set of flash cards, one mum is raising awareness about a cancer no one likes to talk about.

Parents falling for allergy myths is leaving children malnourished

Parents cutting out entire food groups, fear of allergies.

Sarah Knaton, While 40 per cent of people claim to have a food allergy, only five per cent actually do.

Woolworths recalls pies, may contain glass

Woolworths recalls pies.

Woolworths is urgently recalling a range of its chicken and vegetable pies amid fears they may contain glass.

Dolly Doctor replaced by Google for teens

Teens turn to Google for health advice.

Livia Gamble Researchers at Northwestern University looked at how adolescents use the internet for health information,

New tactics for battling head lice


Jane E. Brody Relatively few school-age children escape the scourge of head lice, among the many organisms that show no respect for socioeconomic status or hygiene.

Girl, 4, makes history in world-first attempt to prevent type 1 diabetes

Amy Corderoy At four years old she might not be old enough to understand it, but on Wednesday Isla Robinson made scientific history.

Lucky Iron Fish: Canadian doctor tackles global anaemia problem with a tiny fish

The Lucky Iron Fish: Tackling the world's anaemic problem.

Livia Gamble Christopher Charles hopes he will make anaemia a thing of the past with a Lucky Iron Fish.

Healthy Kids Check scrapped but is it a good or bad move?

Healthy Kids Check: worthwhile or waste of time?

Jo Hartley The federal government has scrapped a comprehensive health check for children aged three to five but is it a good or bad move? Parents and health professionals weigh in.


Kiama teen revived after heart stopped on soccer field during match

Emma Douglas, 16, collapsed during a soccer match where her heart stopped and was revived by soccer referee Max Vercoe.

Angela Thompson No one was looking at Emma Douglas when she dropped lifeless onto the grass of the soccer fields on Sunday afternoon.

US Judge jails mother for fleeing with her son to prevent his circumcision

A picture from Heather Hironimus' Facebook page of her four-year-old son Chase, who is at the centre of a court battle over circumcision.

A mother has been imprisoned in the US after fleeing with her son to prevent him from being circumcised by his father.

Father of three changing the way society views HIV

Andrew Pulsipher hope to change the stigma around HIV.

Livia Gamble HIV doesn't need to have a negative stigma.

Teen kept awake for a week to stop parasite tunnelling in her eye

Jessica Greaney wound up with a parasite tunnelling in her eye.

Livia Gamble Jessica Greaney had eye drops put in her eyes every ten minutes to kill the parasite attacking her eye.

Nutrition Australia updates Healthy Eating Pyramid, includes quinoa


Livia Gamble Quinoa might seem like a passing fad but according to Nutrition Australia's new food pyramid it is here to stay.

Abbott government axes Healthy Kids Check

Will Fitzpatrick, 4 years old, with his Mum Kate Sheahan in Port Melbourne.

Julia Medew A comprehensive health check for children aged three to five has been scrapped by the federal government to save about $144 million over four years, angering GPs and speech pathologists.

Women and alcohol: a secret and silent crisis

Thousands of women are struggling with their own, often hidden battle with booze.

Lucy Rocca A recent OECD study suggests it's women in highly qualified jobs who are statistically more prone to consuming hazardous amounts of alcohol on a regular basis.

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Single mums likely to have poor health, finds study

Taking its toll: single motherhood is most damaging in countries with relatively weak social safety nets, such as the US and England.

Single mothers in England have been found to be more likely to suffer poor health later on in life in an international study of women over 50, most likely due to a lack of social support.

Bathurst parents desperately rely on strangers to fund son's urgent surgery

Braiden Peters-Whitwell has a brain tumour

Livia Gamble Time is running out for four-year-old Braiden Peters-Whitwell.

Children have a closer relationship with pets than siblings

Study finds children turn to puts over siblings in times of need.

Livia Gamble Why some children prefer the comfort of a pet over their sibling.

What parents can do to make a child’s chronic illness easier

Chronic illness: It’s important the child feels like a normal little kid.

Alina Morawska and Amy Mitchell When a child's wellbeing depends on vigilant monitoring and consistent medical attention, the everyday anxiety and stress that all parents deal with is made worse by the fact that failing to keep up with treatment can be a matter of life and death.

Bravery award for girl who gave diabetic dad Mallowpuff first aid

Chanel Marshall, 9, called an ambulance for her father Aaron Marshall, who is a Type 1 diabetic.

Selina Powell A young Blenheim girl who tested her father's blood sugar levels and fed him Mallowpuffs after finding him incoherent in his bed will be recognised for her bravery.

The drama queen gene: Why some people are more dramatic than others

Drama queen gene: if you're raising a drama queen it seems your genes could be to blame.

Livia Gamble Some of us avoid drama like the plague but for others, it isn't that easy - we inherited it.

Comparing the damage by school bullies and abusive adults doesn’t really help anyone

Comparison study: abuse in all its forms causes suffering.

Marilyn Campbell A study on which type of abuse has worse effects doesn't really help anyone.

Doctors warn parents to check their child restraints in cars

Ensure straps aren't twisted: Age-appropriate restraints are needed for children.

Julia Medew Children should be restrained with belts and booster seats that suit their age and size to better protect them from serious abdominal injuries during car accidents, doctors say.

Mum uses pizza ordering app to escape hostage situation, say police

The Pizza Hut receipt shows the woman's messages to alert police to her situation.

Josephine Tovey A mum and her three children were allegedly being held hostage by her boyfriend when she managed to use a fast-food ordering app to raise the alarm.

Obese children pose challenges for anaesthetists

Childhood Obesity: Who's to blame?

Julia Medew Anaethetists raise concerns over new challenges in treating an increasing number of obese children who need surgery for illnesses related to their weight.

14-year-old girl's witty response to guys who don't want to wear condoms


Livia Gamble A teenage girl was asked to respond to a series of "partner objections to condom use". Instead of using the multiple choice answers provided - she came up with a list of her own.

Diabetic Sydney boy dies after attending "slapping therapy" workshop in Hurstville

Aiden Fenton with his parents.

Livia Gamble Aidan Fenton, 7, took part in a week-long alternative Chinese workshop in Hurstville.

Bullying worse than child abuse, study

Study: Effects of bullying could be worse than child abuse.

Livia Gamble The study found that children who are bullied by their peers are more likely to suffer from mental health issues than children who are maltreated by adults.

The illness so rare it has no name


Victoria Lamebert Dominic Blower has inquisitive brown eyes, an unruly mop of dark curls and a mega-watt smile. Watching him as he scolds his puppy for chasing the family's chickens around their garden, it is heartbreaking to hear that by the age of five he had already spent more than half of his short life in hospital.

Study reveals the best divorce arrangement for kids


Livia Gamble The impact of divorce on children can potentially be devastating but a new study suggests that joint custody is best.

Slippery slide from health kick to atypical anorexia for 12-year-old Jed Armstrong

On recovery's road:  Jed Armstrong is winning the battle with atypical anorexia nervosa with the help of his family.

Amanda Dunn Twelve-year-old Jed was a keen footballer who designed himself a health regimen. But soon his mood took a dive and he was always cold.

A mother's warning about potentially deadly 'sleeper game' kids are playing


Livia Gamble Eight-year-old Sophie-Lee Jones was reportedly showing her friend the new game when she passed out.

Medicare reform: Ley announces wide ranging review of health system

Health Minister Sussan Ley.

Michelle Grattan After an extensive round of consultations with health professionals and patients, Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced that yet more work needs to be done to find solutions to Medicare's problems.

Video of six-year-old taking daily dose of nine pills to treat cystic fibrosis goes viral


Charlotte Krol Six-year-old Jesse James O'Brien's video of his daily routine to treat cystic fibrosis quickly becomes an online sensation.

Father and daughter show off world's widest tongues

Guinness World Record holders for widest tongue.

Charlotte Krol Byron and Emily Schlenker from Syracuse, New York hold Guinness World Record for the widest tongues

Alcohol in films influences teen drinking habits

Fictional characters who drink have a negative effect on teens.

Livia Gamble It turns out watching Homer Simpson drink his Duff beer, or characters in the last installment of Harry Potter series sipping different forms of alcohol to relax can have a negative effect on teens.

David Owen to tell Royal Commission of life of abuse

David Owen holds a photo of himself from the orphanage days.

Joanne McCarthy David Owen was born after his 12-year-old mother was raped, was offered for adoption in a newspaper advertisement, and was physically, sexually and emotionally assaulted for years at an isolated orphanage run by the Catholic Sisters of Mercy.

Boys should be targeted in body image programs too

Body image: It has been assumed that boys don’t experience body dissatisfaction

Livia Gamble Research presented to the APS College of Health Psychologists Conference over the weekend showed body image programs for pre-adolescent students should be gender specific.

The missing ingredient in better health for everyone


Lauren Ball Doctors are failing to screen for obesity, offer nutrition advice or refer their patients to other parts of the health-care workforce that could help.

Help to heal Harmony

Friends Of Harmony: Shanay Hoskin with daughter Harmony and her school friend, Zoe.

Emma Watson Not long after five-year-old Harmony Hoskin started school her world turned upside down when a stroke suddenly paralysed the entire left side of her body.

Doctors find leech growing in boy's throat

Blood sucker: 7cm leech found in boy's throat.

Livia Gamble An 11-year-old boy was complaining of a sore throat and suffering dizzy spells before doctors found a leech lodged in his throat.

Doctors warn against sedating children on long trips

Are we there yet? Almost 1 in 5 parents have admitted to medicating children for long flights or car journeys.

Nicky Phillips If you give your children sedatives on long journeys, you're taking a huge risk with possible harmful side effects, says the AMA.


Pru Goward: first NSW anti-domestic violence minister highlights prevention

Rachel Olding The country's first dedicated domestic violence minister has promised to radically shift the government's focus to preventing violence rather than "picking up the broken pieces after a tragedy".

Parents struggle to recognise when their child is obese, especially in males

New study: Parents are more likely to underestimate their child’s weight if they are male.

Livia Gamble A new study has found many parents struggle to recognise when their child is obese.

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