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How to choose the right health fund for your family

Whether you are embarking on your search for the first time or reviewing your current provider to ensure you are still getting the best value for your money, here are some things to consider.

Developing healthy sleep patterns in children

Steps to getting a good nights sleep.

QUIRKY KID Still waiting for your child to grow out of their bad sleep patterns? Here is how to put in place strategies to help them (and you) get a good nights sleep.


Are we doing enough to support parents' mental health?

Support for parents' wellbeing is vital for raising happy kids.

Thuy Yau Society is so often focused on raising happy children, but what about the happiness of the parents? Are we doing enough to look after the emotional and mental health of parents?


Stressed kids suffer DNA damage

The negative health impact of stress on kids.

Nicky Phillips Growing up in an unstable family or in poverty causes early signs of genetic ageing in children that may leave them more vulnerable to certain diseases, a study has found.


Child detention cruelty revealed in inquiry


Rachel Browne, Saffron Howden High school student Bashir Yousufi is grateful for his life in Australia but the Afghan refugee still harbours deep sadness about the trauma he was forced to endure while waiting to be processed.


Fun ways to get active with your kids

Making exercise as a family fun!

Katie Carlin Wanting to get active as a family but unsure of where to start? Here is a mixture of fun, creative and more challenging activities to help.

Child related e-cigarette poisonings on the rise in the U.S.


LIVIA GAMBLE For some, smoking an e-cigarette may seem better than smoking tobacco but when the liquid nicotine ends up in the wrong hands the outcome can be fatal.

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How a Facebook post saved a little girl's eyesight


LIVIA GAMBLE When Tara Taylor posted a picture of her little girl to Facebook, among the flurry of compliments there was a warning that saved her little girl’s eye sight.


Is your teen a smoker?

How to encourage kids to say no or quit.

JO HARTLEY Knowing cigarettes are bad for them isn't enough to deter younger generations from picking up the unhealthy habit. Here is how to help them quit and prevent them from starting.

Selfie obsession led this teen to attempt suicide

Danny Bowman selfies on Daybreak TV.

SARAH BERRY A British teen has tried to kill himself after becoming obsessed with taking the "perfect" selfie.


Schools caught medicating students in China

The boy said his teachers had given him a

Malcolm Moore China has introduced "blanket" drug testing for as many as 170 million children after it emerged that hundreds of kindergarten pupils were being secretly drugged by their teachers.

When you hope for a bad diagnosis

When getting a diagnosis is the hardest part ...

Gabe McGrath The only way to diagnose our gluten-intolerant son - was to ‘torture’ him for two months.

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I have ADHD. I am not broken

Former 92.9 breakfast radio host Lisa Fernandez.

Lisa Fernandez Lisa Fernandez was diagnosed with adult attention deficit disorder in her late twenties and while she doesn’t have medical training she is convinced ADD and ADHD does exist and here is why.

Why should I get the HPV vaccination for my son?


Mel Hearse As her son gets closer to the age of the HPV vaccine, Mel Hearse seeks expert advice on the benefits – and busts a few myths along the way.


Short film captures sister's bond with brother who has cerebral palsy


KATIE CARLIN A mother captures her six-year-old daughter’s love for her little brother who suffers from cerebral palsy in a moving short film.


Children facing struggle to survive in Syria

When safety and comfort is lost ...

Roger Hearn War forces parents to make heart wrenching decisions. Do you allow your child to have their legs amputated because hospitals don’t have the equipment to treat them?

Nine-year-old cancer patient's birthday wish for cards


Katie Carlin Most children have a wish list of birthday gifts as long as their arm but for cancer sufferer Rafael Moraes’ tenth birthday all he wants is cards. Hundreds of them.

Hotline needed to help Sydney’s hidden child brides


Emma Partridge The head of a women’s health centre has revealed at least 60 child brides are living in south-western Sydney, with many more girls destined to be forced into under-age marriage unless actions are taken to curb the illegal practice.

Selfies a head lice heaven

Sharing more than a photo?

Adam Clark Estes The unexpected health consequences of teen selfies.

The unspoken side effects of Yaz


Hannah Kohlman Hannah Kohlman suffered a major pulmonary embolism after taking the pill. Here is what she wishes she had known.

What's the best way to screen for child mental health issues?

How to screen for mental health issues early?

Early childhood screening has been suggested as a way to identify and treat kids at risk of developing childhood mental health issues. But finding the right tool for such screening poses major challenges.

Take the pressure off

Flavouring: Sea Salt - iStock Image

Stock Photo File #10992796

Paula Goodyer The shopping trolley is a good place to start reducing the dangers of sugar, salt and saturated fat.


Reece Puddington, 11, refuses cancer treatment, opts to 'let go'


For most 11-year-old boys, Facebook is a way to chat with friends and share photographs - but for Reece Puddington, it was a place to express a more momentous message.

15 things never to say to a special needs parent

What not to say

Dr. Darla Clayton, Psy.D. Friends, acquaintances, family members and complete strangers are remarkably comfortable questioning and commenting on various aspects of our lives.


Study finds toxic chemicals linked to autism, ADHD


JULIA MEDEW Leading chemical experts are calling for a radical overhaul of chemical regulation to protect children from everyday toxins that may be causing a global ''silent epidemic'' of brain development disorders such as autism, dyslexia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Parents plead for medical marijuana to be legalised


LETITIA ROWLANDS She is blind, partially deaf, has cerebral palsy and can suffer up to 60 epileptic seizures a day. There is just one treatment giving 23-month-old Larisa Rule relief at the moment, and it happens to be illegal.


11-year-old 'My Little Pony' fan attempts suicide; Bronies rally

Michael Morones, 11, confronts bullying for his love of popular television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Eric Larson Last week, Michael Marones tried to kill himself, allegedly after enduring months of bullying at school, in part because of his passion for the show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'.

Why we need a zero tolerance approach to female genital mutilation


Catherine Rodie Today, 6th February, is an International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation. It is a day that is observed every year to raise awareness of a practice that is harmful to girls and women around the world.


Sydney mother on the run with son, 6

Tamara Jankovic.

RACHEL OLDING Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of a mother who allegedly abducted her autistic son from a Sydney home last month.

Drunk mum gives alcohol to daughters aged six and nine


Richard Bruinsma A Coolum mother-of-six has pleaded guilty to giving a bottle of alcohol to her daughters aged six and nine, even though she was too drunk to remember doing it.


Kids who use social networking sites before bed get less sleep

Beds should be a phone-free zone.

Kids who regularly plugged into social networking sites before bedtime reported sleeping nearly an hour less on school nights than those who rarely connected online, a new study shows.

What it's like to parent a teen with an eating disorder


People think your child should 'just get over it', that it's a vanity issue, that a bit of tough love will fix everything.


Patients of dentist informed of possible exposure to HIV, hepatitis


Lucy Carroll Almost 1000 patients treated by a Sydney dentist over the past decade may have been exposed to HIV and other infectious diseases because medical equipment was not properly sterilised. Patient advocates say the case raises ''deeply concerning'' questions about patient safety in dental clinics and the quality of medical regulation.

Nut allergy concern as Nestle, charity push new muesli bars


Mark Hawthorne Nestle and an anti-allergy charity have been accused of encouraging a new range of ''lunchbox friendly'' muesli bars to be allowed in playgrounds, even though they could be dangerous for people with nut allergies.


Flynn faces lifetime of being extra careful


Michelle Duff As little as a torn toenail can land him in hospital, but all Flynn Brodie cares about is being as cool as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.


Drinking culture and children a toxic cocktail

Drinking culture

Anne Hollonds During this transitional time between Christmas and new year celebrations, a new advertisement for a liquor store has been getting an airing on daytime TV.


Coalition's GP co-payment leaves patients out in the cold


Jenna Price Co-payments may just be five or six bucks to some of us, but they can also be a reason not to seek medical advice.


Healthcare: Why Tony Abbott wants to charge a fee for visiting bulk-billing doctors


MATT WADE Why would the government consider an unpopular new fee on bulk-billed GP visits?


NSW health funding cut by $150 million

Paediatric neurosurgeon Associate Professor Brian Owler operates on Brooke MacKenzie's brain at Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney.
10th October 2013
Photo: Janie Barrett

Amy Corderoy NSW will miss out on more than $150 million in funding for vital health services that has been cut by the federal government.


Antibacterial soaps aren't more effective and may be dangerous, says US FDA

DIGICAM 00005632 wayne venables advertiser.. hand washing

AMY CORDEROY Antibacterial soaps and washes are no more effective than regular soap and water and may even pose a threat to human health, the US drug regulator has warned.

Jellyfish stings are best treated with nice hot shower

A Bluebottle Jellyfish

Tim Barlass After being stung by a jellyfish, many of us will apply vinegar or maybe an ice pack.

Fact or fad?


Some swear by them, others dismiss them as a waste of money. We put supplements to the test.

Helicopter parenting leaving adults stuck in adolescence

Millennials are reaching adulthood only to discover they are unable to grow up.

Brooke Donatone The consequences of being raised under the watchful eye of a helicopter parent are far more serious than we originally thought.

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Doubts linger over Australia's free dental care for children starting on January 1


JULIE POWER A $2.9 billion Medicare dental program for children's teeth will start as planned on January 1, but the eligibility of low income families to claim free treatment for their children remains uncertain.

Child euthanasia debated in Belgium

Should parents and children have the right to decide when they want to stop fighting a terminal illness?

Belgian lawmakers will vote on whether to support a proposed new bill to give extremely sick children the right to euthanasia, a move certain to fan the divisive debate on the practice worldwide.

Cuban artist causes stir with images of victimised children

Cuban artist causes stir with images of victimised children

KATIE CARLIN A controversial artwork that features victimised children crucified to the backs of their adult oppressors has caused equal parts outrage and awe among online viewers.

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Aussies worry about road safety and child abuse

Ana Brooking

Mex Cooper Road safety and child abuse are concerns that keep us up at night, according to new research revealing what Australians worry about.


Operating on children

Brooke MacKenzie walks towards the operating theatre prior to her brain operation at Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney.

Amy Corderoy observes how a crack paediatric surgical team goes about its work.


Regular bed times as important for kids as getting enough sleep


Sarah Biggs A regular routine – going to bed the same time every night and waking the same time every morning – is just as important to a child’s daytime functioning as amount of sleep.


Living with type 1 Diabetes

There is life after diagnosis ...

Donna Webeck Alex was 11 when his world changed forever; little Abbie was just five.

Computer generated image of child helps capture sex predators

A computer-generated avatar of 10-year-old Filipino girl called Sweetie.

Details of dozens of would-be Australian sex predators have been provided to Interpol by a Dutch children's rights group, which offered online sex with a computer-generated image of a virtual 10-year-old Filipina girl named Sweetie.

Weathering the bedwetting storm

The long journey to dry nights ...

Eliza Elliot This mother tried everything to help her nine-year-old daughter stop bedwetting but the long journey finally paid off when she discovered an unlikely cure.


Sexual assault often begins in the home

Staying away from alcohol won't stop sexual assault ...

Jenna Price We need to alter the culture and teach our kids - our daughters and our sons - about consent.


Son shown porn by YMCA childcare worker

Sex victim's drawing.

Catherine Armitage What do you do when you discover a childcare worker accused of child molestation has been showing your six-year-old pornographic images? That he's been talking about you in smutty, derogatory terms and driving your son in a car to excursions without your permission?

Ending forced marriage in Australia


Jennifer Burn According to Human Rights Watch, 14 million girls are forced into marriages, worldwide, each year - with some as young as eight or nine - and Australia is not immune to the practise.


Most dangerous items in the home

Generic batteries for Sunday Age SPECIAL BATTERIE

Ewa Kretowicz Children are more likely to be hospitalised for eating liquid laundry pods than quad bike accidents, according to the latest statistics from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Grief grows when truth is hidden


Rachel Daly Rachel Daly was only young when her brother died, but she knew she had not been told the whole story.


Why am I so tired?

It is a constant juggle to get through the day, let alone find the time for enough rest.

Susie Burrell Running on empty? These tips will help you refuel the tank and keep it full.

Obesity kills 10yo NSW boy


Stephen Ryan At the age of seven, the boy weighed almost 50 kilograms and had a body mass index roughly double what it should have been.

The problems and opportunities of self-harm blogs

Self-harm blogs can spread misinformation.

Caitlin Dewey The bonds that form between self-harm bloggers can reinforce their feelings and behaviour, convincing them that cutting or eating disorders are normal, even healthy.

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