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How to prepare your 4-year-old for their vaccinations

CATHERINE RODIE The four-year-old vaccinations can be more of a challenge than the routine needles children have when they are babies and toddlers.


Parents seeking respite are leaving their disabled children at hospital


HENRIETTA COOK A lack of government services means disabled children are being left at Victorian hospitals and placed in beds for the mentally ill, according to the Health and Community Services Union.


Three girls photographed fighting cancer together share some good news


LIVIA GAMBLE A photo of three young girls battling cancer holding onto one another for support and comfort went viral last year and this latest update will bring a smile to your face. All three girls are now cancer free or in remission.


Parental training may reduce the health gap between disadvantaged and privileged children


NICKY PHILLIPS Teaching poor parents how to nurture their children may partially offset the health risks that come with growing up poor, according to a new study.


Boy with cancer stars in his very own Godzilla movie

Make A Wish

RACHEL CLUN A young American leukaemia patient has been able to walk like a giant, starring in his very own Godzilla film.


Boy found to be allergic to his iPad


Unexplained rash? Check your iPad. It turns out the popular tablet computer may contain nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals.


Doping among athletes as young as 12 finds study


Natasha Boddy Performance or image enhancing drugs are being used by athletes as young as 12 according to a new study that claims the practice may be going unchecked due to a lack of drug testing.

Obesity causing asthma in children

Study finds excess weight and obestity contributing factors in onset of asthma.

AMY CORDEROY Excess weight and obesity among children could be contributing to Australia’s high rates of asthma.

Six foods that increase or decrease your risk of cancer


Tim Crowe If you believe cancer is a disease that strikes from nowhere with little in your control to prevent it, you’d be mistaken on both counts.


After three-year saga, health star rating labels finally ready to go


Assistant health minister Fiona Nash has announced that Australian and New Zealand ministers responsible for food policy and regulation have signed off on the health star rating system for front-of-pack labelling.


Dancing dad's pageant video with special needs daughter goes viral

dancing dad

LIVIA GAMBLE McKenzie can’t take gymnastics or dance classes but with the help of her dad, Mike Carey, pageants are something she can do.


NDIS short changing children with autism

monika debek

RACHEL BROWNE Children with autism are being short changed in the NDIS with the government's benchmark payment only covering six hours of therapy a week, less than a third of the 20 hours a week considered necessary under international best practice.

Doctors giving young children a banned vaccination, reports


Mariza O'Keefe Reports of some doctors giving young children a banned flu vaccination "defies belief", Australia's chief medical officer says.


Mummy blogger charged with fatally poisoning her son

Lacey Spears and son Garnett

Lacey Spears shared the heartbreaking tale of her blond-haired, blue-eyed boy's constant battle with illness on her blog and social media for years.

Mother jailed for pretending daughter had cancer

This girl, 4, was allegedly poisoned by her mother with chemotherapy drugs bought over the internet. This girl, 4, was poisoned by her mother with chemotherapy drugs bought over the internet.

Melissa Grant A Gold Coast mother has been jailed for at least two years for poisoning her healthy daughter with cancer drugs for the attention.

Free online program proven to help children with anxiety

Helping children cope with anxiety.

BROOKE LUMSDEN 10-year-old Lachlan has been noticeably struggling with anxiety issues since was four but a new online program, backed by beyondblue is offering him and other children with anxiety hope.


Seeing colour blindness through my son's eyes


Eryn Brown Watching her son sort through his Rainbow Loom band was the first time this mum noticed his "deficiency" in action.


Luscious locks a welcome gift for those who lose their hair

Suri Gonzalez-Darrough, 6, (in dress) and Lauren Dyer, 10, who both have Alopecia, a condition which causes baldness, with Chelsea Allen, 4, who has donated some of her hair for a wig, in Pyrmont, Sydney.
31st May 2014
Photo: Janie Barrett

MELANIE KEMBREY Many people don’t cope well with hair loss but six-year-old Suri Gonzalez Darrough says she feels proud.


Outrage as PETA links autism to milk in video ad

Fear mongering: One of PETA's controversial autism ads.

ROSE POWELL Online communities are outraged by a video ad previously pulled by Animal rights group PETA that claims there is a supposedly scientific link between dairy products and autism.


Sleepless teens are forced to wait up to a year for treatment


LUCY CARROLL Teenagers with chronic sleep deprivation are being put at risk of developing serious mood disorders and learning difficulties.


McDonald's new 'Happy' mascot is an 'epic fail'

McDonald's Happy

Leslie Patton A new McDonald's Corp. character named Happy was designed to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables but the "scary" mascot is inspiring a different emotion among Twitter users: fear.


Depression rates higher in mothers of four-year-olds than after birth of child

Depression more common in mothers of four-year-olds finds study.

Kate Hagan Depression is more common in first-time mothers four years after birth than at any other time during the child’s first year, new research finds.


Experts unable to explain the soaring allergy epidemic among kids'


LUCY CARROLL Research shows more boys suffer from peanut allergies than girls but doctors are at a loss to explain these figures or how to stop the "epidemic".


Teen blogger Stephen Sutton loses fight with cancer after raising millions for charity

Stephen Sutton, 19, raised more than £3 million during the time he was ill with cancer.

A British teenage cancer sufferer who raised more than 3 million pounds ($5.3 million) for charity after his fund-raising campaign went viral on social media has died, his family said on Wednesday.


Taking action against asthma

Having childhood asthma doesn't mean they have to miss out on an active life.

VICTORIA BIRCH Caring for a child with asthma raises many questions for parents and carers – here are six tips to help you keep it under control.

Girl who beat cancer gets her wish with Katy Perry's 'Roar'

Abby stars in her own music video.

RACHEL CLUN After battling stage four cancer, five-year-old Addy got to make her wish come true.


Anne Geddes raises awareness about meningococcal


LIVIA GAMBLE As a parent you’re always concerned no matter how sick your child is, but when "dots" appeared on his son, Jeremy Cooper knew something really wasn't right.


Hereditary cancer gene carrier dies after delaying preventative surgery


AMANDA HOH Elisha Neave and her sisters tested positive with the BRCA2 cancer gene but she decided to delay a hysterectomy and mastectomy to have more children.

Obesity risk increases when calling girls 'fat'

Name calling can lead to increased obesity risk.

Deborah Netburn Fat shaming can backfire. Calling a girl "too fat" may increase her chances of being obese in the future, new research suggests.

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Is 'sluggish cognitive tempo' a valid new childhood disorder?

Does sluggish cognitive tempo warrant a diagnosis?

Andrew Whitehouse Expert questions the validity of a new behavioural disorder that he claims hasn’t reached the standards required to warrant its existence.


Misdiagnosed as bipolar: one teen's frightening journey

tessa gallo

Julia Prodis Sulek One day, Tessa Gallo was a typical 12-year-old; the next, her mother said, "she was psychotic", a victim of an underdiagnosed, mysterious illness called PANS.

Could your child have a colour vision deficiency?


BROOKE LUMSDEN My heart sank as I listened to the optometrist’s explanation of my son’s colour vision deficiency. It was called deuteranopia, and it meant his world was a different to the bright, vibrant one I had assumed we were sharing.

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How to choose the right health fund for your family

Choosing the best health cover for your family.

Whether you are embarking on your search for the first time or reviewing your current provider to ensure you are still getting the best value for your money, here are some things to consider.

Developing healthy sleep patterns in children

Steps to getting a good nights sleep.

QUIRKY KID Still waiting for your child to grow out of their bad sleep patterns? Here is how to put in place strategies to help them (and you) get a good nights sleep.


Are we doing enough to support parents' mental health?

Support for parents' wellbeing is vital for raising happy kids.

Thuy Yau Society is so often focused on raising happy children, but what about the happiness of the parents? Are we doing enough to look after the emotional and mental health of parents?


Stressed kids suffer DNA damage

The negative health impact of stress on kids.

Nicky Phillips Growing up in an unstable family or in poverty causes early signs of genetic ageing in children that may leave them more vulnerable to certain diseases, a study has found.


Child detention cruelty revealed in inquiry


Rachel Browne, Saffron Howden High school student Bashir Yousufi is grateful for his life in Australia but the Afghan refugee still harbours deep sadness about the trauma he was forced to endure while waiting to be processed.


Fun ways to get active with your kids

Making exercise as a family fun!

Katie Carlin Wanting to get active as a family but unsure of where to start? Here is a mixture of fun, creative and more challenging activities to help.

Child related e-cigarette poisonings on the rise in the U.S.


LIVIA GAMBLE For some, smoking an e-cigarette may seem better than smoking tobacco but when the liquid nicotine ends up in the wrong hands the outcome can be fatal.

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How a Facebook post saved a little girl's eyesight


LIVIA GAMBLE When Tara Taylor posted a picture of her little girl to Facebook, among the flurry of compliments there was a warning that saved her little girl’s eye sight.


Is your teen a smoker?

How to encourage kids to say no or quit.

JO HARTLEY Knowing cigarettes are bad for them isn't enough to deter younger generations from picking up the unhealthy habit. Here is how to help them quit and prevent them from starting.

Selfie obsession led this teen to attempt suicide

Danny Bowman selfies on Daybreak TV.

SARAH BERRY A British teen has tried to kill himself after becoming obsessed with taking the "perfect" selfie.


Schools caught medicating students in China

The boy said his teachers had given him a

Malcolm Moore China has introduced "blanket" drug testing for as many as 170 million children after it emerged that hundreds of kindergarten pupils were being secretly drugged by their teachers.

When you hope for a bad diagnosis

When getting a diagnosis is the hardest part ...

Gabe McGrath The only way to diagnose our gluten-intolerant son - was to ‘torture’ him for two months.

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I have ADHD. I am not broken

Former 92.9 breakfast radio host Lisa Fernandez.

Lisa Fernandez Lisa Fernandez was diagnosed with adult attention deficit disorder in her late twenties and while she doesn’t have medical training she is convinced ADD and ADHD does exist and here is why.

Why should I get the HPV vaccination for my son?


Mel Hearse As her son gets closer to the age of the HPV vaccine, Mel Hearse seeks expert advice on the benefits – and busts a few myths along the way.


Short film captures sister's bond with brother who has cerebral palsy


KATIE CARLIN A mother captures her six-year-old daughter’s love for her little brother who suffers from cerebral palsy in a moving short film.


Children facing struggle to survive in Syria

When safety and comfort is lost ...

Roger Hearn War forces parents to make heart wrenching decisions. Do you allow your child to have their legs amputated because hospitals don’t have the equipment to treat them?

Nine-year-old cancer patient's birthday wish for cards


Katie Carlin Most children have a wish list of birthday gifts as long as their arm but for cancer sufferer Rafael Moraes’ tenth birthday all he wants is cards. Hundreds of them.

Hotline needed to help Sydney’s hidden child brides


Emma Partridge The head of a women’s health centre has revealed at least 60 child brides are living in south-western Sydney, with many more girls destined to be forced into under-age marriage unless actions are taken to curb the illegal practice.

Selfies a head lice heaven

Sharing more than a photo?

Adam Clark Estes The unexpected health consequences of teen selfies.

The unspoken side effects of Yaz


Hannah Kohlman Hannah Kohlman suffered a major pulmonary embolism after taking the pill. Here is what she wishes she had known.

What's the best way to screen for child mental health issues?

How to screen for mental health issues early?

Early childhood screening has been suggested as a way to identify and treat kids at risk of developing childhood mental health issues. But finding the right tool for such screening poses major challenges.

Take the pressure off

Flavouring: Sea Salt - iStock Image

Stock Photo File #10992796

Paula Goodyer The shopping trolley is a good place to start reducing the dangers of sugar, salt and saturated fat.


Reece Puddington, 11, refuses cancer treatment, opts to 'let go'


For most 11-year-old boys, Facebook is a way to chat with friends and share photographs - but for Reece Puddington, it was a place to express a more momentous message.

15 things never to say to a special needs parent

What not to say

Dr. Darla Clayton, Psy.D. Friends, acquaintances, family members and complete strangers are remarkably comfortable questioning and commenting on various aspects of our lives.


Study finds toxic chemicals linked to autism, ADHD


JULIA MEDEW Leading chemical experts are calling for a radical overhaul of chemical regulation to protect children from everyday toxins that may be causing a global ''silent epidemic'' of brain development disorders such as autism, dyslexia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Parents plead for medical marijuana to be legalised


LETITIA ROWLANDS She is blind, partially deaf, has cerebral palsy and can suffer up to 60 epileptic seizures a day. There is just one treatment giving 23-month-old Larisa Rule relief at the moment, and it happens to be illegal.


11-year-old 'My Little Pony' fan attempts suicide; Bronies rally

Michael Morones, 11, confronts bullying for his love of popular television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Eric Larson Last week, Michael Marones tried to kill himself, allegedly after enduring months of bullying at school, in part because of his passion for the show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'.

Why we need a zero tolerance approach to female genital mutilation


Catherine Rodie Today, 6th February, is an International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation. It is a day that is observed every year to raise awareness of a practice that is harmful to girls and women around the world.


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