emoji. Love.

Why researchers think we should study emojis

While emojis look odd in formal writing - think important emails, and online articles like this one - they are used by almost everyone in text messages and on social media.

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Thomas Haden Church, left, and Sarah Jessica Parker in a scene from Divorce. But getting divorced may not bring you the ...

All set for divorce? Maybe think it through a bit longer

Unbeknownst to me, family lawyers apparently call January "divorce month". As the Christmas tree is thrown out and the wrapping paper cleared away, the empty champagne bottles taken out behind the garage, Google searches for terms like "divorce lawyer" and "file for divorce" spike.

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Can these songs help you through the last weeks of school holidays?

School holidays top ten playlist - for parents

Enter the last couple of weeks of the holiday and everyone's looking forward to the beginning of term.  The end is in sight, normality will soon resume and your sanity may still be in tact….just.

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