Can these songs help you through the last weeks of school holidays?

School holidays top ten playlist - for parents

Enter the last couple of weeks of the holiday and everyone's looking forward to the beginning of term.  The end is in sight, normality will soon resume and your sanity may still be in tact….just.

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Illustration: Paul Rogers

Is 150 times a day too much smartphone usage?

The near-universal access to digital technology is transforming modern society in ways that can have negative effects on health, neurological development and personal relationships.

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To outsiders it looked as if Packer was enjoying the life of a wealthy playboy businessman

The art of the prenup

Terms about weight loss, fines for being unfaithful, a man surprised with a contract the day before wedding - prenuptial agreements offer a glimpse into the secret life of couples.

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Increased beer sales and and higher prices have helped the brewer report "good growth" in Australia.

Ten reasons to cut back on alcohol - and they're not all about your health

At this time of year, alcohol promotions, sales and consumption are prominent. Many of us enjoy celebrating a year ended, work and family gatherings, a holiday and a time to kick back and relax. But it can also be a time when we experience adverse consequences of our own or someone else’s drinking. Many of us don’t treat alcohol with the respect the drug demands.

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