5 things my husband does that makes me cringe

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My husband and I do things very differently and we always have. While I am a very analytical person who likes a certain neatness and structure in my life, he is someone who rarely seems to mind last minute decisions and chaos.

It's something I love about him and need in my life; I think that is why we work so well. His way of doing things is different, but that doesn't mean that it is the wrong way.

Different is good for children. Watching my two girls flourish under my stringent, slightly OCD routine along with his lazy, relaxed method has taught me that this is okay – even though it causes me to cringe!

1. He never pre-packs

My husband's ability to drift through life in a constant state of bliss can be infuriating particularly during mornings of complete chaos.

Getting children anywhere and on time is nearly impossible, couple that with nothing prepared the night before? You may as well put on the kettle and stay at home.

If I leave those swimming bags, dancing bags or preschool bags for him to pack during those mornings of agony, you can guarantee something will be forgotten. But he doesn't mind - he'll take that gamble in order to teach them some responsibility.

He'll ask for their help packing and getting ready and by doing so, puts trust in them that I certainly wouldn't.

2. He dresses them terribly.


I know it's not the end of the world if the girls go to play dates dressed in skivvies, shorts and socks with sandals, but it's a pet hate. All I ask for is cute, matching outfits with their hair tied up and neat. As far as the hubby is concerned though, whatever comes out of those draws first is what they wear. Sometimes, I think he does it deliberately just to mess with me.

I suppose I am grateful though that although my hubby has no taste in clothes, he does however take them to all these play dates and commitments that they wear these horrible outfits too. He doesn't care what they look like, as long as they are rolling in dirt and running around with a smile – and that is what is important.

3. He gives them lollies before dinner

Sometimes it's a biscuit or sometimes it's some chocolate – but you can guarantee if those little angel eyed tyrants get to him when I'm not watching, they'll be gifted with whatever treat they pulled the heart strings for. I'm not one for turning down every treat they ask for, but right before dinner?  That's the time when my bribes come out in full force.

I'll happily put my hand up to being a bribing mum. If they ask me for anything right before dinner that's not on the stove cooking for them, you can be confident that they've just given me their bribe material. My husband just can't help it.

Those two girls have had him wrapped around their little fingers since he lifted them out of the birthing bath and put them on my chest... and I suppose a little treat before dinner isn't going to hurt.

4. He plays rough

Hear me out. I am all for games which involve a little contact. My girls are bred tough and they'd take on a stampede, but that hubby of mine likes to play games based on MMA. The latest was my three year old calling "Look mummy! I can get daddy in an arm lock!" 

Although it's secretly adorable that they are roughing up and playing hardcore with some knocks and bruises, it only worries me that she'll forget one day that that particular game is for her and daddy only and she'll take down a cousin (or her little sister).

5. He does it with ease

My husband is one of those people who just "get it". He is such an inspiration to me and our children. His ability to be present with them and enjoy us is mesmerising. He is a truly lucky man that possesses the talent to see what is really important in life.

It's that happy, care-free nature applied to our children that really frustrates me. My organised, slightly OCD brain is offended by his lazy, relaxed method – but that's not his problem. It's mine. And as long as our core is the same and we both want to teach our girls and smother them in love, I really couldn't ask for anything more.