A touching mother daughter photo series has gone viral

Photographer and artist, Emer Gillespie created this touching photo series that beautifully captures the relationship between a mother and her daughter, who has down syndrome.

Featuring the Irish artist photographer from Brighton, England, side by side with her daughter, “Picture You, Picture Me”, tells the story of their everyday lives from brushing their teeth to jumping on the bed. 

The series came about during another project titled, “Two Homes”, which captured Laoisha's family life. 


In an interview with Today, Emer said, “As Laoisha was the main subject in this project, and was photographed all the time, she began to request that she took a photo before I took a photo. In my sketchbook, all these double portraits started to appear, and I was fascinated by the photographer/subject role reversal.” 

The series is a huge success but more importantly Emer said it's been a way for her to bond with her daughter.

“This was an invaluable way of spending time one on one, and allowing her to choose positions, facial expressions and activities. She really thrives in learning new things, taking control and then seeing the prints,” she said.

But despite her success, when asked how long she will continue the series Emer said, “As soon as she [Laoisha] expresses her wish to not take part in the project, it will end.”

Source: Today.