Artist sums up marriage in one painting

Husband's honest painting sums up marriage.
Husband's honest painting sums up marriage.  Photo: Instagram/@jamesneedhamart

A husband has summed up his marriage in a portrait for his wife.

Sharing the image on imgur, a woman said she asked her husband, James Needham, if he knew that "he has never actually painted us both in the same painting."

Rectifying this, Needham, who is an English artist living in Australia, depicted an image that resonated with couples everywhere: Needham sitting on the toilet talking to his wife while she brushes her teeth.


The image has been viewed over 800,000 times on imgur, with one user saying the "beautiful" painting "should be titled marriage."

Another user said: "I think that's the most sincere representation of love there is. No rose tainted unrealistic fantasy."

Needham shared the image on his Instagram page saying: "I've been getting a huge amount of love for this picture (behind the whippet) today thanks to the craziness of the internet."

For anyone after a print, he says they can visit his website.