Awkward moments to remember

There is always a good laugh to be had when you go through the old family photo album. Sometimes you need to wait a few decades to really appreciate just how awkward that family photo of you all holding bananas really is or that time you decided it would be a great idea to all wear denim and strike a pose by stacking on top of each other.

We believe that laughter should be shared so when we stumbled across the Awkward Family Photos website a while ago we couldn't help but pass on some of their hilarious submissions.

Take a look at our picks of the most awkward.

These are the days of our lives ...
These are the days of our lives ... 

Awkward sibling photos: When siblings get together for a family photo you never know what the camera will capture. The weird, the hilarious and the downright creepy.

Awkward kids photos:From interesting family traditions to weird poses and matching outfits; the camera catches it all and the results are hilarious.

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