Boy's heartbreaking reaction when he realised he might not live with his mum forever

Photos: Instagram
Photos: Instagram 

There is no doubt little Jack Fladager loves his mum, that's for sure.

A video of the five-year-old crying after realising he won't be able to live at home with his mum forever has broken hearts around the world after his mum shared it on Instagram.

In the super sweet video, Jack starts to cry when he's watching a tv show where the main character no longer lives at home with his mummy. As tears roll down his cheeks, he explains he doesn't ever want to move out, away from his family.

His mum, Canadian blogger and mum of two Caitlin Fladager, who has 329,000 Instagram followers, wrote in the caption that she and her son were watching the show when he got upset.

"So I tried to explain to him that people usually move out of their moms house when they get older, and this is what followed after that conversation," Ms Fladager said.

In the video, she reaches out to hold his hand and tells him he will still be living with her for a "long, long time" and not to worry. 

"You will always be my little boy," she said. "I love you."

The video has been viewed nearly 54,000 times and received about 10,000 likes.


Her followers described his reaction as "pure" and "sweet".

"This is the sweetest thing. I teared up… never let that boy move out," said one person.

"Made me tear up. He's a sweet boy," said another.

While, this person wrote: "K someone's cutting onions up in here."

Others shared their own stories about their children.

"My son gets anxiety about this often," someone else wrote. "He's 4 years old. He also gets anxiety over the fact I will get old. It makes me very sad."

"My 4 year old son told me he's going to stay home forever because I feed him… LOL no other reason," shared another.

"Oh my gosh, my ovaries. His little face. I think my son thinks we're going to live together forever. I'm hoping the teenage years sway that," said someone else.

While, this mum said her child has other plans: "So sweet! My daughter was just like that when she was little. Now she's 10 and already planning on how she'll decorate her dorm room in college."