Dad roasted for telling wife he would only have another baby if he was 'guaranteed' they'd have a boy

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A dad has drawn the ire of the internet after saying would only agree to another baby if he was guaranteed to have a son.

Explaining he had two daughters aged four and six, the dad said his wife has raised the question of having a third baby, saying if they went ahead, she would like to start trying soon.

Taking to Reddit's AITA (Am I the a**hole) thread, he described his feelings towards a third child as 'on the fence', and would only be swayed if the couple underwent gender selection.

"I wish there was a way to predict because I would really only want another kid if it were guaranteed a boy. I would love to have a son, but I don't really care to have another daughter because I already have two," the dad wrote.

"My wife was livid. She said it shouldn't matter and that I should love our kid, regardless of gender."

Continuing to explain that he felt he would miss out on "father/son" activities he enjoyed with his own father, the dad said his wife couldn't "get it" because she already had a "mother/daughter" experience.

"I love my daughters with my whole heart but I would be lying if I said I didn't want the experience of a son," he said.

"My wife cried and then completely shut down over the past few hours and is only giving me one word answers and dirty looks.

"I feel like my feelings are legit, and I don't really get my wife's reaction."


The man was categorically roasted by other redditersus, many of whom pointed out that he could do all the "father/son" activities with his daughters, too. 

"Wishing for a son is one thing. But saying 'I don't really care to have another daughter because I already have two' is serious AH (a**hole) territory," wrote one.

"Daughters aren't appliances, each one is different, you don't say 'Oh, i've already got this model'. Either you're wanting a third kid or you're not."

"YTA (you're the a**hole). A mega one, also soon to be divorced by the sounds of it," said one irate user. 

However, although most users were overwhelmingly in his wife's corner, a few said they could relate to the man's dilemma.

"I have two boys. I want a third baby, but I REALLY don't want a third boy. If I had him, I'd love  him like my other boys, but I'd rather not have three," said one.

"You would love any new babies no matter the gender obviously, but it's understandable to want a son when you already have two daughters," another sympathised.