Dad slammed for calling wife 'abusive' after dinner dispute

The woman 'snapped' refusing to cook multiple meals.
The woman 'snapped' refusing to cook multiple meals.  Photo: Getty Images

Cooking multiple meals each night in an attempt to please all family members is enough to test the patience of even the most devoted parent. 

One dad clearly doesn't appreciate that fact and called his wife "abusive" for refusing to cook a second dish for him and his two sons.

Not surprisingly, the man was slammed when he took his story to  Reddit,  asking whether he was in the wrong.

The man explained the situation, saying he and his wife, who have been married for 15 years, share a 12-year-old daughter and twin seven-year-old boys.

"I am a European white man while my wife is of south Asian descendant," he wrote. "My wife usually cooks our meals and because of her culture she usually cooks spicy dishes for herself and my daughter, while makes me plain dishes as I can't handle it."

The man went on to say his wife tries to cook traditional meals for their sons like she does for their daughter, but they don't handle the hot food meaning she ends up making three different meals for her family every night.

However, they get upset when their sister and mum are eating "a different, more nicer looking dishes".

"Last night, my wife was having a bad day (she's a surgeon) and our sons wanted to try the dish she was making.," he wrote. "Whenever they ask to try her dishes, she gets really excited that the kids want to eat food from her culture."

The boys convinced their mum to make the same dish for everyone, which was super spicy.


"It had onions in it and a bunch of other spices," the man wrote. "The onions were really strong and spicy. I literally couldn't look at the dish without my eyes watering and had to go outside for fresh air."

The dad-of-three then said the twins couldn't finish the food either, and none of them were full after the meal so asked her if she could make something else. Understandably, after a long hard day at work, this did not go down well.

"My wife snapped. She yelled at us," he complained. "She said, 'no' and that they asked for it, that she was tired of having to make different foods for the family. She left the room and the kids ate a bit of the food, while crying except my daughter."

The boys didn't like the meal she made for them, saying it was 'too spicy'.

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"I later confronted her when everyone was sleep. I told her that it was messed up that she made the kids eat something they can't handle and essentially called her abusive," he said.

"She then started crying saying she was done with me, that maybe our sons could handle her food and culture, if it wasn't for me being gatekeeping them and babying them.

"Her blaming me made me pretty angry. I can't lie, and the argument went on further."

The argument upset his wife, who walked away saying "her family was right about marrying into a white family".

"[That] hurt me," he confessed. "Before our wedding, I walked in on her and my in-laws talking about things like 'he might not understand our culture,' and that 'his family might be judgmental and not like it,' or that 'if she moved to my country (the country we live in currently) that they might not accept our beliefs and traditions'."

The man asked the Reddit community if he was in the wrong and did not hold back in letting him know they thought he was.

"You really let your wife make multiple meals to appease the whole family? Why don't you cook then?" an incredulous user wrote.

"And the kids said they wanted to try it, it's not her fault they then changed their mind. If it's that hard for you and your sons, you should cook then.

"You owe your wife the biggest of apologies. A sincere apology. I can't believe you called her abusive."

The man's wife later added to the post, saying he has tried to apologise (even buying her a diamond ring) but she still hasn't fully accepted his apology.

"Thanks for all the sweet messages about how I deserve better and that I'm a saint," she said. "I feel appreciated."