Dad starts sweet family tradition, takes daughter on monthly "dates"

Three-year-old Arianna, dressed up for her "date".
Three-year-old Arianna, dressed up for her "date". Photo: Facebook/Caitlin Fladager
It's the sweet father/daughter tradition that has parents across the world taking note.
Last week, in a post to her Facebook page, mum Caitlin Fladager, shared details of her husband Noah Slomski's monthly "dates" with his three-year-old girl, Arianna.
​"My husband decided once a month he will take our little girl out on a "date" where she gets all dressed up and gets taken out for cake and ice cream," she shared in the now-viral update. "He helped her pick out a dress for her to wear, got a little purse ready, held the door open for her and made her feel like a princess."
Describing that their daughter "loved" her first monthly date, Ms Fladager added, " She will always know how she deserves to be treated because her dad sets such a high example."
Speaking to ABC news, the 23-year-old father-of-two explained that the monthly outings allow him to spend more time with his little girl. "We typically spend a lot of time together when I'm home from work anyway, but not just the two of us."
Mr Slomski also hopes their one-on-one time will strengthen the bond between them. 
"All bonding time is good for strengthening a parent-child relationship," he said, "and time spent that differs from the usual routine is always enjoyable."
Ms Fladager's Facebook post has now been shared over 40,000 time and has attracted over 15,000 comments.
"This warmed my heart and made me cry," one commenter wrote. "My father passed when I was 11 and when he and my mom divorced when I was 6, every week until he died, on Wednesday he'd take me to eat, a daddy daughter date, and this just made me so happy. Speaking from someone who was in your daughter's shoes,she will always cherish those dates and remember her father as an amazing man."
"May I steal this idea and put the idea in my man's head one day," another woman responded. " When we have a lil girl I hope she never forgets how much she is worth."
While the response to Mr Slomski's monthly dates has been overwhelmingly positive, the Canadian dad's tradition also attracted some criticism. Writer, Rebecca Reid, labelled the dates "everything that is wrong with the world," describing them as " creepy" and " symptomatic of the poisonous ways that we treat male parenting."
" all means, spend some quality time with your children," she argues. "But don't use the language of an adult sexual relationship to describe it, and let's stop handing out gold stars to any man who wants to spend some time with his kid."
Read Ms Fladager's post in full below:
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