Dad's viral Disney photo captures the beauty of co-parenting

 Photo: Joe Hawkey Photography

When seven-year-old Maddie visited her "favourite place", Disney World, it wasn't just the "best day ever" for her, it was also a statement about co-parenting that has touched hearts around the world.

Maddie's dad, photographer Joe Hawkey, shared a photo of Maddie enjoying the day out with himself and her mum Tiffany Bankert, as well as her stepmother Brianna and stepfather Luke.

Each of the four parents are wearing a t-shirt with their relationship to Maddie on the front (in the famous Disney font, of course), and on the back each one says "#co-parenting".

Maddie's shirt has her name on the front and "#bestdayever" on the back.

Joe says Maddie was "beyond thrilled to have everyone there". Maddie was taken to Disney World by her dad and stepmum, and then surprised when she got there by her mum and stepdad.

"It made it that much more magical," said Joe.

Maddie's parents weren't always on such great terms. As with many separated parents, there was some initial tension, but after the pair met their new partners, things improved and the group is now happily co-parenting.

Joe told Popsugar the best part of co-parenting is "all of us able to understand the love we have for the same child. We all want her to succeed in life. She is our number one priority."