Father and daughter escalate 'pinch and a punch' pranks for 15 solid years

Photos: Bridie Connell / Brin Connell / Twitter / Facebook
Photos: Bridie Connell / Brin Connell / Twitter / Facebook 

There's nothing quite like a playful parent-child relationship. Constant pranks are often part and parcel of family life and the harmless out-doing of one another is an expression of love and affection.

One father-daughter duo have taken this caper to the extreme with a series of pranks around the infamous 'pinch and a punch, it's the first day of the month, no returns.'

While many families regularly indulge the silly in the same way, the critical difference is that these two have managed to do it over the course of 15 long years.

Sydney actor and writer Bridie Connell has taken to Twitter to admit defeat in the ongoing 'pinch and a punch' war with her dad Brin. With May 1 having just passed, she thought her dad's latest prank deserved credit where it was due.

She begins.


The pranks they have pulled on each other over the years boggle the mind.

It turns out the other two members of the family are a bit over it and there are a strict set of rules for the pranks.

So on to the latest escapade, where even Bridie can admit her dad well and truly won the month of May 2019.

Then came the much-coveted seat upgrade... winning! Well only for a moment.

You absolutely know what's coming next.

Bridie still hasn't twigged, however.


We can hear Brin's mic drop from here.

Bridie was had, and now she's encumbered with thinking of an even better prank for next month, though we fail to see how she could possibly pull off such a thing.

She adds: