Grandmother admits she's 'not interested' in meeting her six-year-old grandson

The woman has a six-year-old grandson she's never met.
The woman has a six-year-old grandson she's never met. Photo: iStock/Getty

For many people, becoming a grandparent is an incredibly exciting time.

However, one woman has shocked Reddit users with her attitude towards her grandchild, admitting she has a six-year-old grandson that she's never met and has no interest in getting to know.

"My son married someone very controlling," the grandmother explained in the post. "When she was pregnant, she got upset that I wasn't excited. She kept demanding that I show excitement."

The woman said that her daughter-in-law demanded she "buy all the baby clothes", but insisted that she pick them out herself. This did not sit well with the grandmother-to-be, who told her daughter-in-law to "f**k off."

"I stopped responding to her for a while and she demanded that my son give me an ultimatum, but they didn't go completely no contact because she was still hoping for gifts," the post reads.

Another conflict arose when the daughter-in-law discovered her mother-in-law was going to be out of town for a friend's birthday when the baby was due.

"She demanded that I cancel, and it got into a conversation about family being more than blood," the woman wrote. The grandma-to-be then told her daughter-in-law that "she doesn't consider her family", after which her son was ordered by his wife to cease contact with his mother. 

Although admitting that it hurt, the woman said she accepted it and now, six years on, her son has reached out to her hoping to reconnect.

"Honestly, I wasn't very excited and had to get in the right head space to meet up with him, but I'm glad he is back in my life," she said, explaining that he's still married and wants his mother to meet his son.


"I'm really not interested," she said bluntly.

"The thought of meeting him or seeing her fills me with dread, and at this point it just feels like an obligation," she said honestly.

"I told my son it was too late, and I'm not interested."

Many users responded saying they have a sneaking suspicion there's another side of the story that hasn't been told.

"I'd bet my life there's more to this story and you're only telling your snitty side of it," one user commented.

"I just think you don't like that your son married someone you didn't approve of and they just won't put up with your crap," suggested another.

Some users pointed out that she could still try and have a relationship with her grandson, even if she struggles to maintain one with his parents.

"Your grandson didn't do anything wrong," one redditer wrote. "He shouldn't be punished because of his parents."