'I told him no': step-mother forced to side with husband's ex

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Photo: Getty Images 

Parenting a child can be difficult, even when it's just yourself and your partner that disagree over a course of action. But when you have your partner's ex dealing with the life of your step-child as well, things can get even more complicated.

That's what one woman discovered as she posted on Reddit to detail her experience dealing with disagreements between her partner and his daughter's mother.

"My husband has a daughter who is six-years-old. We have been married for the last three years. His daughter and I have an okay relationship. His ex-wife and I are civil. She really isn't difficult to deal with," the woman began the post.

"Her and my husband usually co-parent well together. They are having a disagreement over SD6's [six-year-old stepdaughter's] hair. She has thick, beautiful hair. The problem is that it knots easily.

"My husband hates brushing it after baths. He recently told his ex that he wants to cut it off, but she told him that she didn't want to, as she loves SD's hair."

The anonymous women went on to say that her partner's ex takes wonderful care of her daughter's hair, and has a continued ritual of brushing and blow-drying her little girl's hair.

"My husband thinks we should just cut it on our time and his ex will get over it. I used to be a stylist, so I do know how to cut hair. My husband has been pressuring me to cut it," the Reddit posted continued.

"I told him no, as I think it would cause problems with his ex. Plus, when I asked SD about it, she didn't seem excited by the idea of cutting her hair."

The woman clearly wasn't sure what to do, as she has been forced to choose between her partner and the girl's mother.

"I think this is a hot button issue and do not want to cause unnecessary drama with the ex. My husband keeps pushing the issue and told me that my loyalties are in the wrong place. I guess I am curious if others thing I am wrong for standing my ground," she finished the post.

Many of the commenters agreed with the woman, with one saying: "This isn't about loyalty to your husband, it's about the daughter. If the daughter likes her hair like it is, then leave it like that."

"Your loyalties are not 'in the wrong place'. You're protecting your family as best you can by not inserting yourself into some petty drama between your husband and his ex. It's also massively rude of him to think he can impose a haircut on a child that doesn't want it," said another.