Is it wrong to go on Married At First Sight when you have kids?

Tracey telling Dean about her daughter.
Tracey telling Dean about her daughter. Photo: Nine

There are (so far) two participants in Married At First Sight who have children.

One, Tracey, kept this fact a secret until the deal was sealed, while another, Jo, included her two children in the wedding.

Is this a good thing for the single parents who just want to find love? Quite possibly. After all, these are people who deserve the chance to fall in love as much as anyone.

But is it right for their kids? Well, that's an entirely different question.

Perhaps Tracey handled it best, keeping her daughter off the television and away from the new stepfather until – if – things become a little established. It's a smart move – well, as smart as you can hope from a person who's just married a complete stranger.

Then again, she's been paired with Dean, who's coming across as a sexist pig. So, is it the right thing for Tracey's daughter? You can't help but think having a male role model (if he becomes this) like that, or later seeing her mother on a show paired with someone like that, isn't ideal for the poor child.

Then there's Jo, whose son Angus, 14, and 10-year-old daughter Zara walked with their mother down the aisle.

In keeping with the spirit of a reality TV show, let's recap that. Two children just walked their mother down the aisle to a man they've never met. A man who may or may not like children, who may or may not treat children kindly, who may or may not be a good influence on them.

More than that, a man whom their mother has not even met: she has no idea of this person she's bringing into her children's lives.


Hey kids, here's your new stepfather! I'd like you to meet … sorry, what's your name?

Jo told Woman's Day, "There'll be people who think I shouldn't have involved them in the show. But they're not babies and we do everything together. It never once crossed my mind to go on this journey without them."

I can't comprehend this.

I know that all my friends who are single parents give very serious consideration to introducing a new partner into their children's lives, and rightly so. What they want for their children is stability, safety and positive influences.

Not the traipsing in – and, if first impressions are anything to go by, the likely stomping out – of a person they don't even know.

While some on Married At First Sight choose to only involve their children later, and others make the choice to get on the front foot, there is no way that this seems to be what's best for any of the youngsters. This 'experiment' (the word they use on the show to try and make it sound classier than it is) is not something for children to get mixed up in.

On a scale of one to 10, how wrong is it to go on MAFS when you have kids? It's a solid 10.

While single parents are still people who deserve the love of a partner (if they so desire), as well as being the caregivers of their offspring, the fact is that their most important role is the latter.

And when your plan for the best thing for you is not the right thing for your children, that plan has to be cancelled.

That's called being a parent.