Mother wants to change four-year-old daughter's name


A mother posting to anonymous parenting site Mums Net  wants to change the name of her four-year-old daughter because it is "too common".

The child, called Esmee because her grandfather is French, is about to start school in September.  The mum, who goes by Chesternut on the site, became upset when she learned other students in her daughter's class would share the same name.

"DD [dear daughter] is due to start full time education in September and there will be two other girls with the same name so three in the class including DD."

Asking whether she was being unreasonable, her post explained she'd had the same name as five other people in her class when she was young, and it scarred her for life. 

"I gave her a name which, I thought, was very original as I hadn't heard another girl called it in about 20 years. Only to find when she started nursery another girl called the same but spelt differently," Chesternut wrote.

"Totally hacked off and really upset by this. AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] to change my DD's [darling daughter's] name before September? I love her name but HATE it's so common now."

The mother's angst against popular names came about when she was at school during the 1970s where she was one of five with the same name.

"I can remember my whole junior/secondary school time being coloured by the fact that so many of us had the same name. I changed it as soon as I could because of that reason. Every time I hear my real name I shudder," she wrote.

"Your child is not a hamster, she is a person. Her name belongs to her, not you, you have absolutely no right to change it," one wrote.


"I don't think it's up to you, surely it's up to your daughter, it's her name now, not yours! She might not care that she shares her name in the same way that you did," another wrote.

Although accused of it in the comments, the mother said she hadn't seen or read any of the Twilight films or books which popularised the name more recently with character Esme Cullen.

One mother confided that she was half way through changing her seven-year-old son's name.

"There is another child with the same name and he is determined that he will not be known by his name plus surname. We are all supporting him and working hard to get used to it - which takes some doing after so many years. I totally understand why you feel like this and think you should absolutely use a shortened name or a second name at school."

Another felt the mother had every right to change her daughter's name.  

"If you're not happy change it. its not her choice, as a parent you make choices for her. if she don't like her name later, she can change it, you have to live with it, and if you hate it that much now, using it will only give you bad feelings (sic)," one person wrote.

As it turned out, little Esmee likes her name and wants to keep it.

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