Mother-in-law's brutal exclusion of step-grandkids: 'She won't call them family'

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Picture: Getty Images 

It's inevitable that in any blended family, from time to time, family dynamics can get a little complex - at least where extended family is concerned. 

But one mother-in-law's slight on her son's step-children has hit a new low for pettiness

After calling his son, his fiancée and her children around to view a photo family album she'd created, there was one noticeable omission. No photos of the girls had been included. 

"We took turns to look at it," she wrote. "And when it was mine and my girls turn I was stunned."

As the mum explained on Reddit, it was enough for her to and her daughters, aged nine and five, to storm out of the celebration - and she won't be apologising. 

"My fiance stared at me. I felt awful I got up, took my girls and walked out immediately. Everyone was confused," she said. 

She explained she had been with her partner for two-and-a-half years and he treated her girls well. His family had mostly been 'respectful and helpful' and once engaged, she considered them her extended family, too. 

"However my mother-in-law tends to do things that either intentionally or unintentionally hurt my feelings for example: when there's a family dinner at a restaurant we're not invited. On Christmas my girls didn't receive anything from her while other kids in the family got gifts and cards,"  she wrote.

"Also all the kids in the family get a trip once a month but my girls never participate. Mother-in-law excuses were 'I forgot'."


Continuing to say that when asked by her MIL to send some family photos, she sent 'a ton' featuring the girls, however only those showing her and her partner made it in. 

"We were invited to her house. The entire family was there to look at the photo album because it was complete. We took turns to look at it. And when it was mine and my girls' turn I was stunned."

"My girls were excited wanting to see the album then asked why their pictures weren't there. I didn't even wanna think about how they'd feel. I was caught off guard otherwise I wouldn't have let them look at the album."

After her MIL didn't respond when asked why they weren't included, the trio marched out of the house. But despite how upset they were, her partner said she was 'overreacting'. 

"I told him It's a symbol of family. the girls felt left out when all the kids pictures were there except for the girls although I sent her pics of us as a family. He said his mom didn't mean it and promised that this will change once we get married."

When her MIL called expecting an apology, she also made her true feeling of the girls known. 

"She bluntly said 'I don't wanna lie to people those girls don't relate to me in any way'. She said she loves them/treats them well... but she won't call them family."

The post has already attracted close to 3,000 comments, the majority in the mum's favour. Many pointed out the MIL would likely treat any 'biological' grandchildren differently, while others warned her against marrying her partner if he can't stand up for them. 

"OP's MIL is an awful human. Her finance better step up and tell his mother if his step-children aren't part of the family then neither will he," said one.

"It's exceptionally cruel to exclude children so young from gifts, trips, etc. Your fiance needs to speak to his mother because it's unfair to subject you and your children to that treatment the rest of your lives. You're either family or not," agreed another.

However one user said they understood where her MIL was coming from.

"I kinda get her point. Have you given her a chance to bond with them? I don't have kids myself, but I understand that you're upset that your kids are excluded... But they have their own grandparents to include them in everything and spoil them," they wrote.

"I wouldn't expect their step-grandparents to include them in everything they include their granddkids."