Mum mortified after her five-year-old gives classmate a sex toy friendship ring

Photo: Kahla Maneely / Twitter
Photo: Kahla Maneely / Twitter 

Even if you don't think they are, it's guaranteed your kids are going through your stuff.

And if you have any sex toys in that bedside table, here's a cautionary tale that'll have you racing down to Bunnings quick-smart for a key-lockable box.

US mum Kahla Maneely learned just how effective her five-year-old daughter's snooping skills were after she gave a classmate a vibrating sex toy ring as a token of friendship.

She received a text from a fellow school mum with a revelatory photo of a "friendship ring" with a message that read, "Hey Myla gave this to [child's name] on the bus today? She might have been in your stuff lol."

Yes, our cheeks are burning too, so you can only imagine how mortified Maneely was.

Photo: Kahla Maneely / Facebook

Photo: Kahla Maneely / Facebook

She told The Chive, "When I saw the picture on the text it took me a second to put two-and-two together and my heart sank down to the pit of my stomach. I didn't know what to do, I've never been that embarrassed in my whole life."

"I spent 10 minutes just staring at my phone trying to think of a good response because I didn't know what to say. I was thinking 'what if that was my kid who came home from school wearing that as a bracelet?' What would I do?"

After gathering her thoughts, she replied.

"I texted her back and as soon as I sent it I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe, I thought I was going to pass out from not being able to catch my breath."

Kahla said, "It was important for me to let her know it was brand new and hadn't been used because that would have been disgusting. I wanted to reassure her that her daughter wasn't wearing a used c%$k ring as a bracelet. I'm very happy her mum handled that so great, I'm so thankful that she didn't flip out."

She noticed her daughter watching her when the situation was going down. "I asked her 'did you go through Daddy's stuff?' She tried to lie at first, but then asked me what it was as it was 'really stretchy'."

It turned out the little girl became well-acquainted with the device, exploring the vibrating feature as she wore it on her wrist.

"She definitely made it vibrate while she was wearing it – it only lasts for about 20 minutes," admitted Kahla.

"I've been laughing about it ever since it happened. I just keep cracking up imagining that poor little girl coming home with that bracelet on to show her mum."

Kahla said the box of toys was in the back of her partner's drawer underneath his boxer shorts, so Myla was definitely having a very good snoop.

"She started to look a little bit scared as she knows she's not allowed to go through our stuff," so the Pennsylvania mum talked to her about it, then put her in five minutes time out for breaking the rule.

Kahla added, "She then apologised, so I hope she's learned her lesson not to do that again."

We bet she does!

Kahla and Myla Photo: Kahla Maneely / Facebook

Kahla and Myla Photo: Kahla Maneely / Facebook