'I'm mortified': Mum ‘reduced to tears’ in public after teenage son’s comment

Portrait of depressed woman, covering face with her hands, side view
Portrait of depressed woman, covering face with her hands, side view Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sometimes it's hard to put on a brave face in front of your children, and one mother is struggling after an offhand comment from her teenage son left her in tears.

"I know I'm in the wrong and over sensitive," she began the post on a Mumsnet forum, explaining that she was on holiday with her husband and 14-year-old son, when he started listing his friends parents' that he would be friends with if they were his age.

"He listed a few adults we know who he thought he would be friends with, and then said he wouldn't be friends with me," she wrote. "I was instantly quite hurt but kept it light and asked why - but he chose not to elaborate."

The woman assured users she knows it's not her role to be her son's friend, but it surprised her how hurt she was by his comment.

Admitting she was 'overwhelmed with emotion', she left her son and her husband (her son's step-dad) at the restaurant.

"I'm mortified that I flounced, but I couldn't hold back the tears and didn't want to cause a scene."

The woman explained that she's bought up her son pretty much on her own, which is what really hurt her feelings.

Users assured the mum that her son appreciates everything she does.

Users assured the mum that her son appreciates everything she does. Photo: Getty Images

He sees his dad occasionally, and I do whatever I can to help him see his dad. But I've "done all of the tough stuff practically, emotionally, financially and for school and clubs," she explained, saying it hurts to hear him list parents who "don't go out of their way" like she does.

"It's always me who picks him and his mates up and drops them to each other's houses and the park (pre lockdown) for example, and it's me who does all I can to put him first and give him a good life."


"I don't expect to be his mate, but I guess I also didn't expect him to say something so unkind," the upset mother wrote.

The woman admitted she was worried about turning into her mother, describing her as an 'over emotional parent'.

"She was fragile, an alcoholic and had a terrible temper," she said. "I wanted to be so different, and to be a strong, reliable mum, and a rock for my son."

"So, flouncing and getting so upset has taken me aback," she admitted.

Fellow users sympathised with the mother, saying that although they don't think her son was trying to be hurtful, they can understand why she's upset.

"Oh you poor thing," one user wrote. "But you know it is because you've been such a good mum don't you? He can't see you any other way."

Others pointed out that teenagers often lash out at those they're closest to.

"I certainly did!" quipped one user.

"I would be willing to bet that he will cringe at what he said in a few years' time," assured another.

"You're his mum, he loves you."