Outrage after mum cuts another girl's hair at sleepover: 'I am livid'

Young black mother taking care of her depressed little daughter at home.
Young black mother taking care of her depressed little daughter at home. Photo: Getty Images

Sleepovers can often be a tricky thing to negotiate. 

Issues often arise surrounding what age it's be appropriate to start having them, along with agreed etiquette for kids - and parents

One mother is fuming after another mum cut her eight-year-old daughter's hair while she was at a sleepover a month ago. 

Outlining the incident on Reddit, the irate mum explained that her daughter is half black and has very similar hair to her own - 'kinky curly and beautiful'.

"Before the sleepover, I washed and styled my daughter's hair (two strand twists)," she wrote.

"As I was dropping her off the friend's mom, Susan asks me if my daughter could use 'normal' shampoo. I was a bit uncomfortable and explained that I had already washed and styled her hair."

While the mum tried to laugh it off and returned home, apparently things took a bad turn when she went to collect her daughter the following day.

"The next day my husband and I go to pick up my daughter and huge chunks of her hair had been cut off!," she exclaimed.

"We confronted Susan and she explains that the girls wanted to braid each others hair and that she didn't want my daughter to be left out so she tried to braid it herself."


Apparently, the friend's mum tried to wash her hair, and it become tangled and matted. So then, with an upset eight-year-old on her hands, she decided to cut it.

"I was livid," she continued. "I told her she had no right to touch my daughter's hair and that I could have come over to do her hair in the style the other girls were doing so she wouldn't feel left out."

"Susan got defensive and said she was just trying to help, so I left before I did something I would regret."

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Once they returned home, the girl told her mum an even more alarming version of the truth. 

"She said that the girls were doing each other's hair and Susan asked her if she wanted her to do her hair," the mum wrote. 

"My daughter said NO, but Susan proceeded to do it anyway. She also encouraged the other girls to stop what they were doing and also touch my daughter's hair."

The furious mum called Susan and told her she had no right to touch her daughter's hair, let alone cut it. She also decided her daughter was no longer allowed to hang out with her friend. 

"I got a text from Susan yesterday asking if my daughter could come to another sleepover, that her daughter misses my daughter and that I shouldn't punish the girls for her mistake," she said. "But I just don't trust her to care for my daughter."

The woman asked the community if she was wrong to let the mum's antics come between their friendship.

Users were alarmed at Susan's actions, and overwhelmingly sided with the concerned mum.

Many pointed out that Susan had actually committed assault. 

"For the record, what Susan did was technically assault, and illegal, and if you wanted to you could press charges against her," said one.

"Your daughter didn't consent to her doing anything to her hair, which is a part of her body, and Susan went ahead and did those things anyway," commented another. "That would be assault no matter what, but considering that she was also an authority figure (an adult and a friend's parent, and your daughter is just a child), it put your daughter in an even more vulnerable position, both literally and legally."

"I am white and I want to slap Susan! There was no reason to touch your daughters hair," said another.