Mum threatens to disown her son if he goes ahead with name change

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Naming a baby after a loved one who has passed away is a beautiful way to honour them and keep their memory alive.

However, one couple was recently dealt a bit of a blow, discovering that a family member who they named their son after had a few dark secrets he took with him to the grave.

Taking to Reddit, the father explained that they had discovered his late brother-in-law had been cheating on his wife and had a whole different family no one knew about.

"He was basically living a double life," the shocked dad said.

The man explained he and his wife had named their now 25-year-old son after his late uncle, before the truth about his double life was known.

"My son now wants to change his name and I completely agree with him," the man said, explaining that his wife is firmly against any name change.

"She said that if he changed his name then she wouldn't go to his wedding.

"My wife is now trying to get me on her side. She wants to be to threaten to disown him and cut him out of the will. I however think my son should do what he wants."

​Redditers were quick to take the man's side in the disagreement with his wife.


"Your wife's reaction to this sounds excessive and could be resulting from her difficulty processing the death of her brother as well as this distressing news of his duplicity," they pointed out.

Others acknowledged it could be difficult for her to lose another memory of her brother.

"It sounds like she's not handling the death of her brother well," one person mused. "He definitely made some terrible mistakes but he's still her brother. My brothers are f--king idiots but I still love them. Maybe she feels like the family is trying to erase his memory."

"NTA-but stay out of it," one person suggested. "This is your son's choice and son's choice only."