Mum wonders if her daughter is old enough for 'sex talk'

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Picture: Getty Images 

Sitting your kids down to explain sex isn't exactly on the 'fun things to do' list for parents.

And knowing how to broach it and even when can be one of the most difficult aspect, as one mum is finding.

Writing to Slate's Care and Feeding advice column, the mum writing under the pseudonym 'Not So Comfortable Parent', she asked 'how will I know when it's time?'

Explaining that her nine-year-old daughter had been asking questions, she said she was reluctant to have the conversation as she still felt her daughter was still too young.

"She still believes in Santa Claus!" the mum wrote.

"She's thoroughly inquisitive and wants details about how babies come to be. She knows about vaginas and penises. She understands periods. She understands puberty.

"But I'm not sure if she's old enough or mature enough to know about sex."

Adding that her own mother had been insisting she answer her daughter's questions. Slate's agony aunt was on team-grandma, saying if the girl was asking questions, she was ready for more information.

"What could being an only child or believing in Santa Claus have to do with this?," they wrote.


"It seems like you're the one who's not ready, but your mother is right: You need to talk to your daughter about sex."

Adding that her age, the fact that she was already aware of puberty and periods, that she would likely hear about it in school soon and her inquisitiveness all showed she was ready.

While it wouldn't be a 'one-and-done' chat and would be a conversation continued over many years, she said, the mum should at least be 'willing to start' and to be open to her questions and feelings and to teach her body autonomy.

"If you're having trouble moving past your own embarrassment, I urge you to work on that, not make your feelings or anxieties your kid's burden." she said.

"She should never have to feel embarrassed or, worse, ashamed to ask questions about sex."