Mum's anguish as neighbour fat shames daughter: 'Go easy on those chips'

Picture: Getty Images
Picture: Getty Images 

There are certain topics it would be hoped most adults would not broach with someone else's child.

Especially if said adult was only an acquaintance and the topic was a child's weight.

At the very least you would hope no comments would made in front of a child.

One nosy neighbour broke all those rules and left a mum, who shared her experience on Medium , upset after her daughter was fat shamed

Explaining that her 10-year-old was friends with her elderly neighbour's granddaughter, she said the grandmother , while friendly, was "one of those loud, bombastic and opinionated types" with no filter.

This had not caused issues before, but on a recent play date, the older woman over-stepped her mark. 

"In the afternoon, she comes over to tell her granddaughter to come home and stayed and chatted with me for a bit. The kids were hungry after swimming and were eating a packet of chips between the three of them. My eldest is a bit overweight, but not obese. She loves her food but generally eats well and is active," the mum writes.

"As my daughter went to grab another handful of chips, my neighbour said, 'Go easy on those chips. They are not good for your weight!'. I'm usually the type that would tell someone to mind their own business, but I was really taken aback by her comment — even coming from her."

Adding that she had no problem if her neighbour pulled her kids up if they did something wrong, making personal comments was not OK by her. 

"I'm just shocked she said that to my 10 year old! I actually ignored her comment, but I have been sitting here tonight, stewing on it, and feel like saying something to her. Not sure what to say to her without actually tearing her a new one."

Here's hoping the neighbour won't feel the need to speak her mind on any future play dates.