Mum's tooth fairy dilemma: 'I am at a loss on what to do about this'

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Picture: Getty Images 

A visit from the tooth fairy is a rite of passage for many kids. 

That special delivery of gold coins - or notes if the fairy is feeling very generous - is a sweet way to distract from any anxiety over having lost a tooth.

And one six-year-old was lucky enough to relive the excitement after getting two visits for the same tooth.

But while it was all fun for the little girl, her mum was left conflicted by the bonus delivery at the hands of her daughter's grandparents.

"Anyone else have issues with grandparents trying to act like parents?," the mum posted to Reddit

Continuing to explain that her daughter was feeling very chuffed after having a visit from the fairy both at home on the night she lost her first tooth, as well as three days later, while staying with her grandparents.

While they may have been trying to make the moment extra special, the mum worried about how other kids would react to hearing she got an additional visit.

"They can't seem to understand that kids talk amongst each other and she was telling another kid (my cousin's daughter mind you) that the tooth fairy came twice for her and only came once for the other child," she writes.

"I am at a loss on what to do about this because the grandparents don't think they did anything wrong. How can I explain to my daughter that the tooth fairy only came the first night and that it was her grandparents the second time."


Many users on Reddit said the mum needed to set firmer boundaries with the pair, saying it wasn't their place to act as the tooth fairy.

While some suggested telling her daughter the grandma must have had a mixed message with the fairy, other suggested 'feigning ignorance' about the situation.

"Even a six year old is going to see through this and figure out there's something fishy about the tooth fairy," wrote oen.

"If the child asks, I would just tell her that I had never heard of the tooth fairy coming twice for the same tooth, and bounce back the question to her to see if she has some suggestions for what might have happened. In other words, feign ignorance."

"Tell her the tooth fairy is in between personal assistants and got her schedule mixed up. She forgot she already visited you. Then if you ever FORGET to do the tooth fairy thing you have a precedent," another suggested.

While one user said to just go with it and tell her she must be very lucky, but that it wasn't likely to happen again and another said to let the grandparents do something nice for her.

And one ingenious person found a solution that could work for both parties. 

"Can she sleepover at grandparents when she loses a tooth? For some reason the tooth fairy gives way more money when my kids are at their grandparents, it's so strange!," they joked.