'Polar opposite' sisters go viral on Twitter

Photo: Alexandria Bishop / Twitter
Photo: Alexandria Bishop / Twitter 

While differences between siblings are a source of great interest for their families, aΒ pair of sisters from Detroit, US have gone viral all over the world for how very aesthetically different they are.

Posting to the platform on July 19,Β Alexandria Bishop shared three photographs which perfectly illustrate in blinding colour and monochrome, the personal styles that characterise the sisters. I mean, are they even related?

She captioned the post, "My sister and I are polar opposites. Her home vs mine," with emojis of a rainbow and a coffin, which reflect Jessica's rainbow-themed backyard and Alexandria's gothic porch.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Alexandria attributes the differences to their large age gap - eight years toΒ be exact.

"Jessica and I have a pretty big age gap, so we naturally have been interested in different things," she explained. "Our style only became drastically different when we became adults and started dressing how we truly wanted."

The original tweet came about when Alexandria was babysitting her nieces in Jessica's backyard and she snapped a shot of the enchanted wonderland.

"I was watching my nieces in Jessica's yard today and I took a photo of her fence and decided to post it! The most surprising things go viral -Β I'll never understand!"

The post has been shared more than 109,000 times.


The photos continued, much to the Twittersphere's amusement.

Of course the viral nature of this delightful story prompted people to react in hilarious (and cute) ways.

Then came the polar opposite sisters, proving that shared genetics is no indicator of shared personal style.