Pregnant woman horrified after her husband recorded her therapy sessions: 'Disrespectful'

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Photo: Getty/iStock 

Everyone needs a space they can talk about things without fear of judgement - but one woman has had her trust completely betrayed after she discovered her husband had been recording her therapy sessions.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained that her mum died in December and, as her dad passed away many years ago, she was now parentless and struggling with the situation.

The woman told how she and her mother did not have a good relationship and would go for periods without talking to each other.

"I feel bad for not trying enough to fix the situation," she confessed. "I keep getting shamed by family members asking if I'm happy now that my mum is gone - but how can someone be happy when their mother pass away?

"I'm a mess plus I'm five months pregnant after two miscarriages and it's been difficult."

To help her grief, she started seeing a therapist, doing the sessions online due to COVID-19. Understandably, she wants full privacy during these sessions, even though her husband wanted to sit in.

"He then started coming in several times just barging in. Bringing me coffee or water," she said. "But I know it's a way for him to hear something."

The woman thought he'd finally realised he was overstepping when he stopped asking questions, but was horrified to realise that wasn't the reason at all.

"Yesterday as I was doing some cleaning. I heard my own voice coming from the bedroom," she explained. "I was puzzled I walked into the bedroom and found my husband with his phone on his ear listening to my voice. I then realised that he recorded my voice during my therapy session and was playing the recording.


"I asked him he said it was nothing then he admitted it was a recording of my therapy session," she wrote, saying she 'blew up at him.'

The woman's husband insisted his actions were no big deal and told his wife to 'calm down'.

"I told him it wasn't his place and just because we're married doesn't mean he can disrespect me and be inconsiderate of my feelings,"  she said.

"I was infuriated. There were things between my mum and I that I find hard to talk about and I found what he did disrespectful.

"I walked out and he kept saying I over reacted and that he's not a stranger he's my husband. I went to stay with my sister who said I was harsh on him and shouldn't have reacted this way."

Her husband later apologised and said he'd deleted the recording and telling her he only did it because she was worried about her because she hadn't been talking to him much.

"And I understand he was worried but that is not an excuse," she said.

And Redditer's agreed, urging her to address the issue immediately and assuring her she had every right to be angry.

"Therapy is a place to feel safe," wrote one person "HE should leave and let her "calm down" in her own home."

"I strongly suggest that both of you go into marital counselling," suggested another. "Be well, and best of luck to you."