Seeing red: Uncle bans six-year-old 'hell spawn' nephew from his house

His nephew throws tantrums and destroys items in the house.
His nephew throws tantrums and destroys items in the house. Photo: Getty Images

Nobody wants to parent shame, especially their own family members, but one man is unsure how to deal with his unruly nephew and has decided it might be time to ban the child from his home.

Explaining in a Reddit post, the dad-of-three said he and his wife take pride in their home, acknowledging that because they have three teenagers it's "not immaculate" but they do their best.

"My SIL (sister-in-law) had a 'whoops-a-baby' about six years ago," he explained, describing the child as an "absolute terror."

"If we're gathered for a birthday, he will scream through us singing happy birthday because it's not about him.

"He will scoop icing off of uncut cakes, he has intentionally poured drinks out on the kitchen counter, pulled shelves off of walls, and will pick up literally anything that he can and 'play' with it... usually breaking it on purpose."

At this point, most parents would tell their child off. However the man's sister-in-law ignores what's happening and has even been found hiding the damage caused by her son before it can be found.

Although this had been going on for years, one recent event tipped the man over the edge.

"Most recently, we had the family over to celebrate my eldest child's birthday," he wrote, explaining his nephew threw a tantrum when it was time to leave.

"He picked up a drumstick from my son's room, and threw it into a 40" TV, destroying the screen.


"SIL was her usual ineffective self... apologised for the damage on her son's behalf but made no offer to pay for or replace it, and there were no real consequences for nephew at all."

The man said he was "seeing red" over the situation and immediately made up his mind that his nephew wasn't welcome at their house anymore. His wife however says a ban is taking things too far.

The dad admitted that banning his nephew could potentially causing a rift on his wife's side of the family, but he was sick of "having to secure my house like Fort Knox whenever this little hell spawn is coming over".

"We can go to SIL or MIL house for family events from now on," he declared. "But our house should no longer be an option."

The man added later that his nephew hasn't been diagnosed with any behavioural disorders that he knows of, and his actions seem intentionally malicious.

Most users agreed it was a frustrating situation, and it's completely far for the man to try and do something about it. Many suggesting his SIL should host family events from now on.

"Politely suggest that next year, your sister should host as you're afraid of your nephew breaking your belongings again," said one user.

"I would definitely bring up some kind of payment towards the TV, too. It's pretty appalling that she didn't offer to pay for at least some of the damages when it was her child who broke it."