Unusual dilemma: In-laws offer to fund man's divorce after wife cheats and has another man's baby

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The fallout from divorce rarely only touches the couple involved, with complex family dynamics often playing out between in-laws, too. 

However one man has found an unlikely ally in his parents-in-law after discovering his wife had cheated on him - in the delivery room for what he thought was their fourth child. 

Taking to Reddit's AITA (Am I the A**hole) thread, the man explained that his wife of nine-years had unexpectedly fallen pregnant, despite the couple using birth control.

While at first a shock, after discovering they were expecting a boy, the pair began to feel excited to add to their family, which also included three daughters aged seven, six and three.

However, things took a dramatic turn after the baby was born and the man learnt his wife had cheated and the baby was the result of a one night stand.

"I was really excited since we discovered that this one was a boy (don't get me wrong, I love our daughters but I always wanted a boy)," he writes.

"When the boy was born, it was very clear that I was not the father, her son was clearly black (as a side note, my wife is really pale and has red hair while I am blonde and also very pale)."

"I was absolutely shocked, not only I discovered that the child I was expecting so much was not mine but I also discovered that Anna had been unfaithful."

​The jilted husband refused his wife's apology and request to raise the boy together, saying he was too hurt. 


Already contemplating divorce, the man has been supported by his in-laws, but asked if he would be wrong to accept financial assistance given their unscrupulous motive. 

"Enter her parents, Anna's parents are horrible people," he writes. 

"When they found out that the baby wasn't mine, they flipped, they are absolutely furious with her, not because of her infidelity but because the boy is black, they are OPENLY racist. They demanded that she erase the 'mistake' and give her boy to adoption which she refused."

Explaining they had cut her off financially and fired her from the family business, they then offered to transfer her trust fund to their three granddaughters, fund the man's divorce lawyers and testify against her in court.

"I'm really conflicted here Reddit, WIBTA (would I be the a**hole if I accept their offer?)"

While users were overwhelmingly supportive of the man's plight, many said while it would be fair to give his daughters a trust fund, it would be wrong to involve them in the divorce proceedings.

"Having a trust fund passed on to your children would be able to provide them with a lot. However, you WBTA if you accepted their offer to testify against the children's mother." wrote one.

"If there is evidence of abuse or neglect then that's different, but in general you shouldn't deprive your children of a relationship with their mother just because of infidelity and racist grandparents."

Others slammed his in-laws for taking such a hardline against their daughter and questioned whether the wife deserved this level of punishment.

"Your in-laws are insane... Your wife sucks but reading about your in-laws made me feel a bit sorry for her. She doesn't sound like nicest person but kudos to her for sticking to her guns and protecting her new baby over keeping her parents' financial support."

Others suggested that if they could be that cut-throat with their own child, they could do the same to their granddaughters.

"And if one of those granddaughters ever dares to date someone who isn't white, she, too, can experience pressure, demands, and controlling behaviour with money as leverage. Unless OP knows for sure the grandparents are going to croak shortly thereafter, is it really worth it," one asked.