Want to really bug your ex on Valentine's Day? This zoo will help you out

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock 

Valentine's Day. For some, it evokes images of candle lit dinners and walks on the beach hand-in-hand. For others it's a day of emotional pain and loneliness. Now it can also be a day of relatively innocuous revenge, as long as you're not a cockroach living in Texas right now.

El Paso Zoo invited people to message them the names of their exes on Facebook, offering to name a cockroach the same name and feed it to a meerkat on Valentine's Day.

You can watch the cockroach feast live during the zoo's 'Quit Bugging Me' event, both on live-stream and also the zoo's website.

In Texas local time it will be 2:15pm on February 14, so watch at 8:15am on February 15 for those in AEST time zone. You can look up your time zone here.

The contempt many of us feel for the disease-carrying common cockroaches which annoy us in our homes knows no bounds.

Many people clearly have equal contempt for their exes. So many in fact the zoo has just had to stop taking names.

The event has resonated strongly with a lot of people  - some of the responses are jawdropping, hilarious and heartbreaking.

"This made me laugh so hard! I just got dumped via text message by my boyfriend of 4 years while I am battling cancer. He said it was because I wasn't making our relationship a priority... um... I am currently focused on saving my life."


"'Kevin smelled amazing but was flaky and tasteless. The presentation was compelling, but there wasn't much going on inside. 1/10. Would not eat again.' - Meerkats (probably)"

"My husband ran around behind my back for months, then handed me divorce papers the night I brought my mum home from the hospital where she nearly died. Please name as many cockroaches as you can for my soon to be ex-husband: MFO or just MO."

With all the hilarity however, comes some concern from some people.

"A zoo should be fostering respect for all forms of animal life - not treating insects as creatures whom it is permissible to kill for our own personal entertainment or gratification."

Others disagree.

"Whoever is doing your marketing deserves a raise."

However you feel about the event, it sure is getting a lot of attention. We think there are going to be some very chubby meerkats at this Texas zoo on Valentine's Day.