Won't tolerate it: Father bans child from daughter's birthday party after mother's hateful comments

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Navigating disputes with fellow parents is difficult, but most mums and dads do their best to make sure any issues they have with each other do not impact on their children.

However one dad decided he had to draw the line and uninvited a friend of his six-year-old daughter to her birthday party after the girl's mother made homophobic remarks about him and his husband.

Now he is asking whether he has gone too far.

"My husband (45m) and I (36m) have a daughter (six)," he began the post on Reddit, giving an example of when the woman had been rude to him in the past.

"Last year I was putting my daughter's hair up before practice, and she walked up to us and asked my daughter if she wanted a lady to do her hair.

"Others have told me that she's homophobic, but as long as it didn't affect me or my daughter, I didn't waste two thoughts about it."

The man explained that his daughter's birthday party was coming up, and the daughter of the woman had already RSVP'ed. However things got dicey on a Zoom call with other parents from the soccer league, leading him to make the decision to uninvite the child.

"Only four parents showed up and I was the only man/husband on the call. First of all, the mother in question kept referring to everyone as 'ladies', which I let go," he said, saying things got heated after he suggested they provide healthier snacks rather than sugary threats at practice.

"The mother flipped out at me. We got into an argument, and while I was arguing for the health benefits of including fruits and veggies in young diets, she made it into a personality attack," he wrote in disbelief, detailing the verbal attack.


"During our argument, she called me a soyboy, f-g-t, and told me that my family were a horrible influence on the team," the astonished dad wrote. "Angry to holy hell is an understatement, but I keep my outer cool."

Furious, the father told her that she was being a horrible influence and he didn't think she, or her daughter should attend his daughter's party.

"The other parents on the call have reached out with sympathy and supported my handling of the situation," he said, adding the woman has been asked to stay away from practice until it's complete.

However, when the man told his husband about the situation, he didn't agree with how it was handled.

"He said that the six-year-old did nothing wrong and banning her would make her more likely to believe her mum's homophobia," he wrote. "I'm not saying he's wrong, but this once I didn't want my life to be someone else's learning experience.

"If my daughter asks about why her friend isn't there, I plan on telling her that the friend did nothing wrong, but her mum was very mean to me because I'm a dad and in love with her other dad, and we don't tolerate that kind of hate in this house."

Reddit users assured the man he wasn't in the wrong, and had acted in the best interest of his family.

"While the six-year-old didn't do anything wrong, six-year-old children can't attend a party without being driven to it by their a***ole homophobic parents," one pointed out. "You did what you felt comfortable with."

"Teach that woman a lesson," agreed another. "Homophobia ain't cute."