Got a baby girl? This glue has been designed for you

If you're worried nobody can tell if your bald baby is a girl or a boy, or if you just want to jazz up your baby's head, Girlie Glue will solve that problem for you.

Girlie Glue is the latest bizarre "girl" product to hit the shops, and as the website proclaims: "It's never too early to be girlie."

It sells bows, hearts and flower shapes to go with the glue, which they guarantee will "hold her accessories in place all day long".

Would you use Girlie Glue on your little princess?
Would you use Girlie Glue on your little princess? Photo: Girlie Glue

CEO Katie Hydrick says she came up with the unusual idea when she wanted to put clips in her daughter's hair - but realised she had yet to grow any hair of her own.

Hydrick invented the recipe for the glue herself. The website states, "It's made from agave nectar and other all-natural ingredients. It's safe, 100 percent honey-free and washes away easily with water.

"Girlie Glue is an all-natural accessory glue – no hair necessary! Fancy possibilities are endless with a dab of Girlie Glue."

Never one to let us down, Twitter has come up with all kinds of ridicule for the product.

"Finally there's a way to tell girls and boys apart," exclaimed one tweet. "Not sure boyieglue is available."

One mum said, "Waste of [money], I can buy my own agave nectar and use it to attach things to my children. Also, why 'girlie glue'? What if I want to glue a monster truck or tool to my son?"

But why limit the fun to children? One tweeter said, "I'm going to buy some #girlieglue, shave my head and stick on random things. Train ticket, leaf, etc."

Another was inspired for other projects, "Get me some Girlie Glue and a bag of googly eyes. Stat!"

One tweeter possibly summed up how many of us feel. "'Girlie glue'? I've truly lost faith in humanity."