How dare anyone accuse a mum of 'milking' a miscarriage

Em Rusciano and husband Scott Barrow.
Em Rusciano and husband Scott Barrow. Photo: Instagram @emrusciano

It takes a fair bit to make me angry. Usually I try and show empathy to other people and try and understand why they may behave in a certain way.

But, today, I just want to scream "WTF is wrong with some people?" Well, in this case, one person.

It all started when radio host Em Rusciano revealed on Facebook two weeks ago she had suffered a miscarriage.

"About 10 weeks ago I got the most wondrous surprise. I found out I was pregnant. I was going to announce it this Monday as we'd hit 13 weeks, but instead I will be at home in the most exquisite pain I can possibly fathom," she wrote.

"Yesterday I found out that my little boy, was lost to me. When my obstetrician told Scotty and I his words seemed foreign somehow.

"I'd only just seen my baby the week before on the ultra sound, kicking and waving. I'd heard his heart beat and began to imagine what type of person he'd become."

Hearts broke for the mum of two daughters.

That is with the exception of one callous stranger who decided to accuse Rusciano of "milking" her miscarriage for publicity.

Excuse me. How dare they!

How dare anyone even try and fathom what it must feel like to lose a baby.

I'm mother to a seven-year-old boy, Cael.

Pregnancy was not a fun experience for me. I felt sick, tired and ate everything in sight, resulting in a lot of weight gain.

Despite this, I remember the absolute love you feel for your unborn baby the minute you find out you're pregnant.

Some women say they believe they know they're pregnant even before a test reveals it.

I felt that way and the love for your unborn baby grows with every passing hour.

Every moment is consumed with thoughts of them - who will they look more like, will they have my sense of humour or their dad's, will they share my love of writing or their dad's love of music, will I be a good mum, will I know what to do?

Your mind is racing.

But in the regular moments of clarity, you know that everything will be fine because you already love them more than anything else in the world.

So, to the stranger who decided to accuse Rusciano of "milking" the fact she had a miscarriage - FU!

I hope you burn your acid tongue on your next cup of tea or coffee.

And to you, Em.

I hope you pause to remember your beautiful little boy every single day.

I hope he is flying with the angels.