Dad shares sweet post about how much he loves being a father: 'Bursting with love'

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Picture: Getty Images 

Positive parenting stories can sometimes feel few and far between.

Amid the stories of sleepless nights and bad behaviour, it can be easy to lose focus of just how much fun kids can be.

Which is why a sweet note from a dad about how much he loves being a father sparked a thread on all the joys parenting can bring. 

Sharing the post on Reddit, the man said he had absolutely loved being a dad to his two-year-old son. Despite warnings from friends about how it would only get harder with each new stage, he said he'd only found more enjoyment as he developed. 

"Ever since he arrived, I remember people saying to me 'enjoy it now, wait until he's two' or 'wait until he's X age'," he said.

"But I love it so, so much! Sure, there have been a few challenges along the way. But those are far outweighed by the feeling of bursting with love."

A recent morning play while his wife slept had reminded him just how much fun the tot could be. 

"We proceeded to have the most lovely morning together, I'd put up a play tent in the lounge which my boy absolutely loved. We sat in there together for about an hour!," he said.

"He is a daddy's boy and he always wants to spend time with me. I know a lot of the time, little boys can like being with males but I just hope that part of that is because we spend so much time together and we have fun." 


"...the last two years have been wonderfully fulfilling." 

Reddit users praised the dad for the rare positive parenting post, sharing what they too loved about parenting.

"I just joined this sub because my first child is about to be born and this was delightful to read. I hate how much negative talk surrounds parenting and I hope to feel this way two years from now," said one parent-to-be.

"I'm right with OP - being a dad is my absolute favourite thing and while it's difficult, for sure, the good has far far outweighed the bad for me," another added.

"Me too! Our little guy is seven weeks old and I swear the only words my husband and I say are to describe just how much we love him and how he's the best little baby around haha!," one user said.

"Just showed your post to my husband and he smiled from ear to ear because he totally gets what you're saying," shared another. 

Others advised parents take the 'it will get harder when ...' comments with a grain of salt.

"Basically, so many people always seem to insist that whatever phase their child happens to be in the the HARDEST EVER, but I think every phase my smol (little one) has been through so far is the best/easiest one yet!," suggested one. 

"I love being a Dad as well. All the ages have their issues but honestly they all rock," another dad added, "Just love seeing them grow and learn and fail, all of it."