Exhausted mum's admission: 'I love my child but I hate parenting'

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In news that shocks nobody, raising kids is no walk in the park.

One exhausted mother candidly admitted in a Reddit post that although she loves being a parent, she hates parenting, and she's not alone.

She began the post talking about the immense love she has for her kids, including "the pride in them as they grow and learn, the sound of their laughter, their optimism and enthusiasm for the world, the exciting times when you're playing or out together having fun, the quiet moments when they snuggle into you or the times when they just want to sit and talk to you."

"It's great. It's all great," she wrote.

"But I feel for each of those moments there's the endless slog of broken sleep, cleaning, washing, preparing food, the ground hog day cycle of breakfast/getting ready/the school run/school pick-up/dinner/bath/bed."

Yes, we are nodding our heads too. She continued, quoting phrases everyone's had come out of their mouth at one time or another.

"The 'don't do that', 'pick that up', 'stop fighting with your brother/sister', 'eat your dinner', 'you have to share'," she wrote.

"[And] the tantrums. The seemingly endless bloody tantrums."

She feels like she has to "live her life" in the "couple of hours between them going to bed and your own bed time".


"I'll be frank, I'm sick to my back teeth with parenting," she confessed. "But I love being a parent. Is that wrong?"

The woman assured users she loves being a parent but gets overwhelmed.

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Hundreds of comments poured in from fellow parents, who admitted they'd felt the same at various points of their parenting journeys. 

"I love my daughter dearly, but the daily slog of finding clean socks and washing approximately eight million containers and arguing about why she does in fact need to wear boots to play in the snow and no you can't have a popsicle for dinner ... is less than thrilling," sympathised a fellow mum.

"Parenting is a pain in the a-- at times. I wouldn't trade it for anything," she continued. "Because it can also be awesome and I love the little human I have the privilege of helping figure out how to become a bigger human, but it's also ok to not love the endless cycle of chores involved."

"It's a weird feeling because I feel like I'm always stuck between an overwhelming love for them and an agitated feeling that comes from the fact that nothing I ever do is ever actually 'done'," said another.

"There's already a load of laundry to be done before I can get the last load out of the dryer; the floors already sticky with crumbs even though I mopped and vacuumed 30 minutes ago; I just put a new outfit on toddler and he is learning how to drink with an open cup now he's soaked again, I just changed the babies now they both pooped again as soon as I'm clipping them into their car seats," listed another. "These all feel like stupid small simple things with easy solutions but it's overwhelming when they pile on all day long."

The woman later edited her post to thanked Reddit users for their honest admissions.

"This thread has made me feel a whole lot better," she wrote. "You're all great, you're all doing a good job. Let's be exhausted together."