12 household products you should never have to buy

This article first appeared on Mashable.

Some essential household products are a lot easier to make at home than you might think.

When your wallet is looking thin, you don't have to cut back on the things you love to save some cash. You can stock up on must-have items right at home without having to rush to the store every time you need a refill.

Give your dollar a good stretch while keeping you and your home happy and healthy.

1. Laundry Soap


Laundry soap can drain your wallet at the grocery store and is packed with plenty of skin irritating chemicals. This DIY version is more eco-friendly and lasts longer than most store brands.

2. Homemade Drano



Don't waste your money on a bottle of Drano. A combination of some common household items is all your need to get rid of that stubborn clog.

3. Glass Cleaner


You can easily get a streak-free shine without buying a separate product packed with harmful chemicals.

4. Room Spray


Create your own custom scent with some common items and a couple drops of essential oil. Plus, you can replenish your spray bottle for months rather than buy brand new refills.

5. Dish Soap


Your store-bought dish soap is hiding a load of ingredients that are harmful to you and your environment. You can easily create a large stock of all natural and effective soap with inexpensive ingredients.

6. Salad Dressings


Fresh, homemade dressings are the easiest condiment to make at home -- without any unwanted sugars or food colorings.

7. Liquid Hand Soap


Cheap bar soaps can easily become soothing liquid soaps with just a bit of glycerin. Your stock will last much longer than buying at the store.

8. Hair Detangler


Most hair treatments contain harsh chemicals that strip your hair of it's natural oils. Give your hair a little spa treatment with a homemade detangler.

9. Lip Balm


Arm yourself against winter winds and summer sun with an arsenal of lip balms. You can make dozens in one batch.

10. Bath Bombs


Bath bombs add a bit of fizzy aromatherapy to your bath, but you don't need to spend a lot of money to feel like you're at a spa.

11. Shaving Cream


Don't throw your money down the drain. Your kitchen has most of the ingredients you need for a smooth, luxurious shave.

12. Makeup Remover Pads


Rejuvenating olive oil and gentle baby shampoo allow you to easily wipe away your makeup without scrubbing -- and you can replenish your supply for a lot less.