16 signs you grew up in a typical Australian home

Give me a home among the gum trees.
Give me a home among the gum trees. Photo: Stocksy

Growing up in Australia was a wondrous thing – the barbecue came to life during family gatherings, the Hills Hoist served many different purposes, and that old Esky your dad purchased in his 20s is still going strong. Take a walk down memory lane and have a chuckle at these clear signs that you grew up in a typical Australian home. 

1. This is what your frontyard looked like once a week.

2. The "No Junk Mail" sticker never proved successful.

Photo: Instagram

3. Beware of the bindis.

Photo: Reddit

​4. Finding one of these sneaky little devils was no biggie.

Photo: Beta Crumb


5. This was the go-to source for finding a tradie (and also used for propping open a door).

Photo: Yellow Pages Australia

6. There were a zillion of these lying around...

Photo: Louie Douvis

7. You got one of these from Maccas​ way back when and it's still your favourite cup.

Photo: Sukses

8. This dynamic duo was always stocked in the fridge.

Photo: Samelias Mum

9. You've had one of these for your birthday at least once.

Photo: Plenty Food Group

10. Your mum packed your Dollarmites​ into your school bag.

Photo: Instagram

11. The typical blue Esky was ever so handy.

Photo: Gumtree

12. If you wanted to sit outside at night, you needed this to stop yourself from being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Photo: Health by Tez

13. And this for those pesky flies.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

14. Outdoor plastic table and chairs were a necessity.

Photo: Garden Furniture Wiki

15. Many backyard gatherings revolved around this.

Photo: Australian Aesthetics

16. As kids, the Hills Hoist in the backyard was better than any swing (fast forward many years later and it was then used for a game of Goon of Fortune).

Photo: (Left) Stocksy (Right) Zanerobe