8 creative kids rooms you wish you could move into

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Decorating a room for a child is a very particular responsibility – after all, someone else has to live in it – but it also gives us a licence to have more fun than we'd feel free to exercise in our more grown-up (ahem, boring) bedrooms. 

As any parent will know, it's a mistake to assume that kids don't have their own ideas when it comes to interiors. That said, in most cases, you also can't go far wrong with a theme that makes a child's room feel like their own personal fun house. And these 10 determinedly eclectic children's rooms may make you secretly wish that you could move in, too.

Remember a bed isn't just for sleeping
Most adults will remember spending many an hour building a camp out of their bedding. If your child loves to do the same thing, help them to create a fantasy world of their own, and add other outdoor elements, such as this tree-shaped bookcase, to complete the natural theme.

Build their very own recreation space
Who wouldn't want a plush reading pod and their own climbing wall… never mind the kids! As if an indoor fitness area and a cosy nook to while away the hours with a book(ideally) didn't sound good enough, the bright palette of primary colours is as stimulating to look at as it would be to play in.

Let loose your imagination 
Eclectic decor is as much about sensory appeal and fun as it is about colour and style. This playful child's bedroom, complete with felt raincloud, fuzzy sheep and furry bed, could easily be a manifestation of a little one's vivid imagination.

Learn more about creating an eclectic look

Get silly with shapes
No one ever said shelves have to be straight – as long as they hold their contents, you can go as loopy as you like. A bright statement wall and pops of colour reinforce the fun feel of the space here, without compromising on practical features, such as storage and a desk.

Put some pep in preppy
Decorating with a classic colour scheme is a safe choice that makes a great base for fun and eclectic decor that will delight your child. As they get older, the quirky teddy bear heads on the wall can be swapped for a cool, teenager-friendly framed print or mural.


Give saccharine shades a streetwise twist
Whether you indulge your little girl's love of pink, or can't wait for her to grow out of it,this custom wallpaper is an undeniably cool take on the sweet shade, and looks anything but 'girly'. This inspired choice is hip enough to transition from childhood through to teenage years, and will look extra eclectic juxtaposed against more grown-up furniture – and perhaps even different coloured accessories – in later years.

Child-proof your space
If you have the room to create a dedicated play area for your kids, make it a space where they can really unleash their creativity. Forget the conventional and turn blank walls into a canvas – a blackboard is highly practical, and the dark colour provides a cool counterpoint to the pale shelves and flooring.

Liven up grown-up furniture
This combination of Baroque-style furniture and playful, child-like decoration demonstrates the perfect mash-up of styles that constitutes an eclectic scheme. Minus the fish print and multitude of soft toys, this could almost pass for a perfectly respectable adult's bedroom. (Though we're not sure it'd be half as much fun…).

Enjoy a perpetual rainbow
Can't decide on a colour? Then go for the whole spectrum! Rainbow-hued shutters are happy, original and provide a welcome wash of colour in a white-walled room.

Ideas for creating rainbow brights

Have you had fun decorating a child's bedroom or play space – and do you prefer an eclectic or a traditional approach? Share your thoughts in the Comments.

By Meera Innes


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